In my B-School (thats ITM, Navi Mumbai) life i experienced one day, which i couldn’t have experienced otherwise. I was a part of team who experienced this thing. There was a program organized by Spic-Macay in our college as a part of the events carried out by ITM Music Circle.
Even though this is very old event, which took place in December of 2007, I am sharing it because I have just started blogging and I want to share this event as it was big event in my life.
We have a circle called ITM Music Circle at ITM, Navi Mumbai. And this music circle is dedicated to expose the MBA grads to the classical singing, dancing and other cultural activities. The Music Circle has been founded in 2007 only as an initiative for imbibing cultural and classical seeds in the management students. As a part of activity carried out by ITM Music Circle, we carried out two major events in our college.
The first major event was a Classical Dance program by Dr. Kanak Rele – One of the most distinguished dancers of India. Even though she was almost 65 years of old, she performed excellantly. The energy she was having was breathtaking. She could easily surpass any teenager today for everything, and specially in Energy.
The second program was a performance of Pt. Arvind Parekh. He is noted Sitar player and a noted industrialist also. He is chairman of Lee-Muirhead. This is his distinction. Very few industrialists are into classical singing/dancing/activities. There are very few who manage to perform two activities at a single go. Pt. Arvind Parekh is one of those. He runs his company as effieciently as he plays his Sitar. He is a maestro in Sitar Playing.
These were the two major events which were carried out in ITM, Navi Mumbai by ITM Music Circle successfully. And today I feel very proud that I was a part of those events. I also feel proud that I was a part of team which managed all these things.
Today I am in Second Year of MBA. These all activities generally include First Year students. So I may no more be a part of organising committees. But whenever possible I will contribute something to these events. And I also pray god that ITM Music Circle be a grand success. and I hope they carry these kinds of activities every now and then to imbibe Indian Culture into Fresh MBA minds.
Prasad B. Kulkarni


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