One day proved it all..

When we think about those days now, we all seem to sing only one song, or i will say only one song comes to our mind… “Those were the best days of my life – Summer of 69”. Really those were the precious and countable days of our lives. Somewhat rebellious, somewhat enjoying and much more beyond the explanation.

We today also remember the days when we rebelled against management. Issue was serious and we all were charged up to take against the management and concerned persons. We all unitedly fought for our friend who lost her laptop that day. We bunked all classes and sat in front of the office demanding to listen to us and provide some solution. Management was not expecting this from us. They thought some limited students will turn up for protest and they can easily toss the ball. But unexpectedly all their predictions went wrong.

We all were having some problems regarding one thing or other. But we sat there from 8.30 in the morning to 11.30 in the night. We assured them that we are not going to disperse untill they come up with some positive solution. We were united for fighting. This was the situation where supporting our victim friend was necessary, and we did the same. She was very contempt with the support from us. She knew there are people who will turn up for her.

We found out one tool, thats OPEN HOUSE, for solving such “critical” issues. Finally, at last, management came up with some solutions and we agreed to it partly. The solution was partly serving our purpose. But none the less solution was important.

But through these such issues one thing came to our notice, or in fact everybody’s notice, that our Batch, the whole batch (all 180 students) was united. Even today we are UNITED and fight for such issues and prove our UNITY…. Hats off to our BATCH…(2007-09 Batch)….


Prasad B. Kulkarni


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