Is there any need???

Whenever a blast takes place or flood hits a city. Under the dire conditions politicians go and meet the affected people in hospital. But the question is, is there any need of this????


A politicians just visits affected people for the sake of visiting. He means nothing for them. If he meant anything, he (politician(s)) would have acted such that these people will be benefited. But this is not the case.


A politician visits hospital will all his 50-60 ministers and extends few words. That’s all. He knows nothing in the treatment. But he occupies all the space there and makes the process of treatment miserable. The doctor is under constant pressure of treating patients, the relatives of patients search for his beloveds but finds it difficult to find with all these ministers surrounding. So why is the need of politicians being there.


It is ok that people say from both the sides. If a politician doesn’t go and meet these people then he will be called insensitive. And if he goes he will be questioned is there any need. But truly speaking, there is no need. We always say, or rather doctor always says don’t trouble the patient with all surrounding him/her. And politicians don’t add value by going there. So I think there is no need for all this show business. And politicians should not go. Instead a politician should act in the direction of something that will help stop these things. But this is far from happening as everybody (politician) tries to bake his/her bread on such issues.


Prasad Kulkarni


Terrorism peeking its head again…. and politicians sitting quietly…

Delhi once again hit by bomb blast. The previous attack was just 14 days before. After the attack on 13th, Police and Government showed they are now alert, but the next blast within striking distance of Qutub Minar and within 14 days of last blast showed that Police, Government and all politicians  are still sleeping and partying.


Why government is so lethargic about acting on such serious issues???? This will be the most nagging question in every common man’s mind. Today every citizen of Republic India is under continuous threat. Any time a freaky terrorist will come and will decide onto when WE can LIVE and when WE will DIE. This is so insane. Why government is not acting onto it???


The convicts of 1993 bomb blast are still to be punished. Our Law and Order is so good, that any one from 5th standard can also trigger something that will be out of hands of system. The convicts of previous terrorism are yet to punish and new cases come and this process continues under Perpetuity law. This must change. And common man is hinting towards this change. As was shown in the movie The Wednesday, a common man can change all things but the system again is incapable of handling anything.


If a common man kills any terrorist, he must be punished as he has taken law and order in hand. But if a terrorist kills hundreds of people, he will not be convicted. Even if convicted or punished he has access to upper court and finally he asks for President’s help. If the law and order is for common man, why the same thing is not applicable for terrorists? There should be an order of shoot at site or if caught hanging is the only option. Unless and until terrorists are not made victims of terror, they will not listen to us.


Every time, Indian Prime Minister and every politician says this is bad what is happening. And again carry out their personal activities. Everytime, a blast takes place and Prime Minister urges and says “We will take strong action against terrorism”. But nothing happens. The same politician again utters the same thing till he gets votes and after getting elected he forgets all things.


The system of Republic India is so corrupted and so incapable that these things will go on continuously as it is. And a common man needs to habituate himself according to all these things and will have to get accustomed to terror and live with it. There seems no possible solution with current system. The situation is hinting towards a change and system must change.


Prasad Kulkarni


Entertainment industry is thinking…

Yes…. Finally entertainment business is thinking with their own mind. And not into copying business from Hollywood.

After seeing “The Wednesday”, “C kompany” and “Welcome to Sajjanpur”, I was very satisfied to learn that finally Bollywood is bringing forward some sensitive issues.

Talking about “The Wednesday”. Very excellent movie. Touching onto a very sensitive issue in India. The movie portrays the role of “Stupid, Common man” in very effective form. How a common man will interrupt in the system if something is not done about terrorism. The movie successfully handles the subject. The movie says that religion here is not important but terrorism is.

Similar efforts have carried out through “C Kompany”. How resolving people’s problem can be done through DADAGIRI way or with the help of Underworld. By underworld I mean sounding like underworld and acting like Real world. There are various facets of this issue and the path but I think if the correct and lawful way is followed then the path will lead to glory.

And now talking about “Welcome to Sajjanpur”. This movie also elucidates on the democracy issues in India. Why the rights has been avoided for some people in our culture who are neither man, nor woman, how people stand in election with power and bloody background in their past and how a Letter writer becomes Novel writer. The movie effectively portrays all the issues with ease and very creative and rural touch. The movie also tells us how the things in politics affect a very small village also. In all a very good movie. Humanity and various facets of humanity are shown in effective manner.

At the end, what I want to tell through this article is, Bollywood is thinking with their own brains now. And trying to bring the sensitive issues in front and showing some possible solutions. Though the path may or may not be questionable. I my views the path should not be questionable. And industry in thinking to solve some issues through the medium of media. It’s good to do such things.

Congrats (bollywood) for such brilliant efforts.

Prasad Kulkarni

SMS lang destroying English language???

destryng = Destroying,

nite = Night

U = You.


A new dictionary is being built by SMS language.

Yes, the words stated above and their correct forms tells us the story. SMS these days has become very easy and cheap way of sharing thoughts, or conveying some message.




This but is the main reason why I am writing this article. The main concern of SMS is the concern over how it has started destroying the original language. We always use such abbreviations while sending text messages. But when we are writing letter to some important person, or forget that, even when we are writing email or even Resume, we use these abbreviations. And that too unknowingly. This is the effect of using abbreviated or rather distorted words. And these are the words we pick from SMS dictionary.


We should think about this seriously. Supposing a hypothetical situation, you have got degree. And now you start sending resumes to company, or rather a covering letter with that Resume. And you use “I m a grad from XYZ college” instead of “I am a graduate from XYZ college“. The recruiter after reading your resume will throw it in trash bin and will not think of having a second look at it. And thus even being a capable, talented and most deserving candidate for the job will not get an offer letter.

And this, only because of SMS language habit.


I am not saying don’t use SMS language. Of course the abbreviations reduce the letter count in SMS and thus you can add up some extra message too with the same economy. But that should be limited to SMS only. You should make some deliberate efforts so that you don’t use the SMS grammar in other forms of letter writing or texting.


Using both the types effectively is a good thing. But often things happen unknowingly and the differentiating line between these two types is very blur. So be cautious.



Prasad Kulkarni


Go DESI Way…

Yesterday, when I laid back on my bed, I was thinking what made financial biggies like Lehman and Merril Lynch  file for bankruptcy? Unknown till this time, or rather never thought this will ever happen. Lehman being one of the four major, big Investment Banks, failed to keep the proceedings. The important principle of perpetuity in the process of corporate world has seized to work in case of Lehman Brothers.


And on the other hand, Indian companies, though felt some shocks or tremors of US Economy, sustained  their existence. After going through Media and Newspaper I came to know that, RBI had tightened the screws well in advance, in 2005-06, by going for Securitization.  I also came to know what made the debacle happen in the case of Lehman and Lynch.


After going through this, I felt good being a citizen of India. Being close to those who were craving for MNCs and Foreign Jobs, I was also attracted to it at first. But after careful study and thinking, I thought India is having a huge potential. When I was due for deciding whether to opt for MS degree from Foreign University or PG from Indian University, I decided to opt for “DESI WAY”. Why not??? Doesn’t India provide good education? There are foreign universities who are trying to venture into India now, seeing the potential and knowledge base here. So why follow those who seek Us??? Why not to go “DESI WAY”??


Now after US economy slowdown and debacle of Lehman Brothers and lot of other companies in US failing to keep their existence, India will surely surge ahead of them. Though there are talks that due to debacle in US, recruitments world wide will see recession. I don’t think that will happen. MNCs are still a good option. It is not that every MNC will suffer or all MNCs will suffer. So not to panic about those things.


But the thing I will be doing is “GO DESI WAY”. I will definitely opt for any Indian Company. Because these are the set ups, which will strive through anything. I see the Mantra hereafter should be “GO DESI WAY”. Why not we all come together and make India bigger than US. If we all opt for Indian companies, we will surely surpass US in coming years.


So when are you going “DESI WAY”???


Prasad B. Kulkarni

ITM B School

India in need of Structural Reforms…

Recently I came across some articles from the magazine Business and Economy. I was forced to think on the issue whether India needs Structural Reforms or not? Like categorised in the magazine I am on the side who support the Structural Reforms. 


Some of the facts mentioned in the articles were as follows:

1) 50% Indians don’t have access to banking.

So why should Indian Government think of letting foreign banks open their branches in India? That problem can be solved by making Indian banks reach to those public rather than asking somebody else to do that. Otherwise as suggested by IIPM Think Tank, let Indian Post start a new arm into Banking sector so that automatically almost all the citizens will get access to the banking. By asking Indian Post venture into Banking sector almost about 130,000 banks will be open.


2) Indian Railways is run by 1.4 million i.e. 14 lakh employees. The network of Indian Railways span over about 63,000 kms, around 18,000 railways run daily to nearly 8,000 stations. So this makes Indian Railways with more manpower than Indian Army. So structural reforms in Indian Railways will bring catalystic revolution in Indian Economy.

But currently the situation is bad. An live example of this is: A Kolkata-Delhi flight takes 1 hr 45 mins while the same distance travelled by fastest train takes about 17-18 hrs. On the contrary, A Barcelona-Madrid flight journey takes about 1 hr 15 mins and same by train counts about 2 hrs 40 mins. So we can better understand where we stand in the global standards.







We should learn something from France, China. We can see how technologically advanced they are. Corporatisation and Structural reforms are must for Indian Railways to prosper.


There are various other factors like Poverty, Unemployment where we can work for Structural Reforms. The Education sector today is most corrupted sector. There are so many malpractices in Education Sector. But nobody takes pain to solve such issues. Politicians are busy in extracting money and filling their bags, media is also running on the same path by not following main issues and making government take serious steps towards reforms. Just today I read some news about Politicians grabbing the money which was meant for Bihar Relief Fund. Such a pathetic is the situation in India. All everybody cares about is “Me and Myself”. “I don’t care about others” is the attitude everybody possesses.


There are various other issues in India, about which if I start to talk then time and space both will not be sufficient. Other factors are upto you people to decide and discuss. But this is thinking time for India. And I think India should opt for Structural Reforms keeping individual interestes.


Prasad Kulkarni

ITM B-School,

Navi Mumbai.

Welcome to Soccer at DY Patil


IPL T-20 Fame

IPL T-20 Fame

Just today read the news article in Times of India saying D Y Patil stadium at Nerul, Navi Mumbai will be hosting I-League matches in coming days. Yes, your mind is prompting you correct thing. D Y Patil is the stadium of IPL fame. It held matches of IPL T-20 in the recent past.



It is good to see that Indians are looking at other sports with the same sporting spirit as they used to look at Cricket. Why only cricket is getting all attention? Other sports are also good. They also need certain skills. Is it that Cricket only requires skills?? I guess no. 


But as I have already said in my article on CHANKYA NITI, we are habituated to follow West. Cricket is not our game. We got the legacy from England. But we have mastered it. On the other hand, Football, Hockey, Wrestling are our games. But we don’t seem to have mastered it. We are far away from mastering them. We are so into Cricket that we forget other sports. Forget about people forgeting the other sports because we (people) have the habit of forgeting things very quickly. But how can Indian Government, Media forget about other sports? They should not be.


There are currently no takers for other sports in India. Recently only when Abhinav Bindra, Vijendar Kumar and Sushil Kumar got medals for India, India has wake up to those sports.


Pertaining to such a situation, we can say that D Y Patil has taken a good decision to host a football match. Atleast somebody is paying attention. 🙂

Indian Football League

Indian Football League



After asked about hosting Football match on Cricket ground, spokesperson of D Y Patil said, “If MCG in Australia being a cricket ground can host football matches, then why can’t WE??”


So this is a welcome call for other sports. And I hope this trend continues and we pay similar attention, if not more, to other sports also as compared to Cricket.


Prasad B. Kulkarni

ITM B-Scool,

Navi Mumbai.