Welcome to Soccer at DY Patil


IPL T-20 Fame

IPL T-20 Fame

Just today read the news article in Times of India saying D Y Patil stadium at Nerul, Navi Mumbai will be hosting I-League matches in coming days. Yes, your mind is prompting you correct thing. D Y Patil is the stadium of IPL fame. It held matches of IPL T-20 in the recent past.



It is good to see that Indians are looking at other sports with the same sporting spirit as they used to look at Cricket. Why only cricket is getting all attention? Other sports are also good. They also need certain skills. Is it that Cricket only requires skills?? I guess no. 


But as I have already said in my article on CHANKYA NITI, we are habituated to follow West. Cricket is not our game. We got the legacy from England. But we have mastered it. On the other hand, Football, Hockey, Wrestling are our games. But we don’t seem to have mastered it. We are far away from mastering them. We are so into Cricket that we forget other sports. Forget about people forgeting the other sports because we (people) have the habit of forgeting things very quickly. But how can Indian Government, Media forget about other sports? They should not be.


There are currently no takers for other sports in India. Recently only when Abhinav Bindra, Vijendar Kumar and Sushil Kumar got medals for India, India has wake up to those sports.


Pertaining to such a situation, we can say that D Y Patil has taken a good decision to host a football match. Atleast somebody is paying attention. 🙂

Indian Football League

Indian Football League



After asked about hosting Football match on Cricket ground, spokesperson of D Y Patil said, “If MCG in Australia being a cricket ground can host football matches, then why can’t WE??”


So this is a welcome call for other sports. And I hope this trend continues and we pay similar attention, if not more, to other sports also as compared to Cricket.


Prasad B. Kulkarni

ITM B-Scool,

Navi Mumbai.


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