Go DESI Way…

Yesterday, when I laid back on my bed, I was thinking what made financial biggies like Lehman and Merril Lynch  file for bankruptcy? Unknown till this time, or rather never thought this will ever happen. Lehman being one of the four major, big Investment Banks, failed to keep the proceedings. The important principle of perpetuity in the process of corporate world has seized to work in case of Lehman Brothers.


And on the other hand, Indian companies, though felt some shocks or tremors of US Economy, sustained  their existence. After going through Media and Newspaper I came to know that, RBI had tightened the screws well in advance, in 2005-06, by going for Securitization.  I also came to know what made the debacle happen in the case of Lehman and Lynch.


After going through this, I felt good being a citizen of India. Being close to those who were craving for MNCs and Foreign Jobs, I was also attracted to it at first. But after careful study and thinking, I thought India is having a huge potential. When I was due for deciding whether to opt for MS degree from Foreign University or PG from Indian University, I decided to opt for “DESI WAY”. Why not??? Doesn’t India provide good education? There are foreign universities who are trying to venture into India now, seeing the potential and knowledge base here. So why follow those who seek Us??? Why not to go “DESI WAY”??


Now after US economy slowdown and debacle of Lehman Brothers and lot of other companies in US failing to keep their existence, India will surely surge ahead of them. Though there are talks that due to debacle in US, recruitments world wide will see recession. I don’t think that will happen. MNCs are still a good option. It is not that every MNC will suffer or all MNCs will suffer. So not to panic about those things.


But the thing I will be doing is “GO DESI WAY”. I will definitely opt for any Indian Company. Because these are the set ups, which will strive through anything. I see the Mantra hereafter should be “GO DESI WAY”. Why not we all come together and make India bigger than US. If we all opt for Indian companies, we will surely surpass US in coming years.


So when are you going “DESI WAY”???


Prasad B. Kulkarni

ITM B School


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