Entertainment industry is thinking…

Yes…. Finally entertainment business is thinking with their own mind. And not into copying business from Hollywood.

After seeing “The Wednesday”, “C kompany” and “Welcome to Sajjanpur”, I was very satisfied to learn that finally Bollywood is bringing forward some sensitive issues.

Talking about “The Wednesday”. Very excellent movie. Touching onto a very sensitive issue in India. The movie portrays the role of “Stupid, Common man” in very effective form. How a common man will interrupt in the system if something is not done about terrorism. The movie successfully handles the subject. The movie says that religion here is not important but terrorism is.

Similar efforts have carried out through “C Kompany”. How resolving people’s problem can be done through DADAGIRI way or with the help of Underworld. By underworld I mean sounding like underworld and acting like Real world. There are various facets of this issue and the path but I think if the correct and lawful way is followed then the path will lead to glory.

And now talking about “Welcome to Sajjanpur”. This movie also elucidates on the democracy issues in India. Why the rights has been avoided for some people in our culture who are neither man, nor woman, how people stand in election with power and bloody background in their past and how a Letter writer becomes Novel writer. The movie effectively portrays all the issues with ease and very creative and rural touch. The movie also tells us how the things in politics affect a very small village also. In all a very good movie. Humanity and various facets of humanity are shown in effective manner.

At the end, what I want to tell through this article is, Bollywood is thinking with their own brains now. And trying to bring the sensitive issues in front and showing some possible solutions. Though the path may or may not be questionable. I my views the path should not be questionable. And industry in thinking to solve some issues through the medium of media. It’s good to do such things.

Congrats (bollywood) for such brilliant efforts.

Prasad Kulkarni


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