SMS lang destroying English language???

destryng = Destroying,

nite = Night

U = You.


A new dictionary is being built by SMS language.

Yes, the words stated above and their correct forms tells us the story. SMS these days has become very easy and cheap way of sharing thoughts, or conveying some message.




This but is the main reason why I am writing this article. The main concern of SMS is the concern over how it has started destroying the original language. We always use such abbreviations while sending text messages. But when we are writing letter to some important person, or forget that, even when we are writing email or even Resume, we use these abbreviations. And that too unknowingly. This is the effect of using abbreviated or rather distorted words. And these are the words we pick from SMS dictionary.


We should think about this seriously. Supposing a hypothetical situation, you have got degree. And now you start sending resumes to company, or rather a covering letter with that Resume. And you use “I m a grad from XYZ college” instead of “I am a graduate from XYZ college“. The recruiter after reading your resume will throw it in trash bin and will not think of having a second look at it. And thus even being a capable, talented and most deserving candidate for the job will not get an offer letter.

And this, only because of SMS language habit.


I am not saying don’t use SMS language. Of course the abbreviations reduce the letter count in SMS and thus you can add up some extra message too with the same economy. But that should be limited to SMS only. You should make some deliberate efforts so that you don’t use the SMS grammar in other forms of letter writing or texting.


Using both the types effectively is a good thing. But often things happen unknowingly and the differentiating line between these two types is very blur. So be cautious.



Prasad Kulkarni



One thought on “SMS lang destroying English language???

  1. Twitch says:

    I agree, sms and e-mail is a real sticking point for many when it comes to submitting assignments and other formal works. We need to remember that if it is not in the OED it is not a formal word and therefore should not be used in a formal circumstance.


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