Is there any need???

Whenever a blast takes place or flood hits a city. Under the dire conditions politicians go and meet the affected people in hospital. But the question is, is there any need of this????


A politicians just visits affected people for the sake of visiting. He means nothing for them. If he meant anything, he (politician(s)) would have acted such that these people will be benefited. But this is not the case.


A politician visits hospital will all his 50-60 ministers and extends few words. That’s all. He knows nothing in the treatment. But he occupies all the space there and makes the process of treatment miserable. The doctor is under constant pressure of treating patients, the relatives of patients search for his beloveds but finds it difficult to find with all these ministers surrounding. So why is the need of politicians being there.


It is ok that people say from both the sides. If a politician doesn’t go and meet these people then he will be called insensitive. And if he goes he will be questioned is there any need. But truly speaking, there is no need. We always say, or rather doctor always says don’t trouble the patient with all surrounding him/her. And politicians don’t add value by going there. So I think there is no need for all this show business. And politicians should not go. Instead a politician should act in the direction of something that will help stop these things. But this is far from happening as everybody (politician) tries to bake his/her bread on such issues.


Prasad Kulkarni



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