Caution: Beware of CFL bulbs…

The statement itself is eye catching and headturner. But it’s serious matter. But don’t worry, its not that CFLs are eating more electricity but its eating health of human. People will turn their heads away now, but wait, dont only care about electricity. Care about Health also.


Yes, CFL (Compact Fluroscent Light) emits UV (Ultra Violet) radiation thats supposed to cause humans hazards. As per reports from HPA (Health Protection Agency), every one in five CFL bulb emits UV radiations. Now the obvious question is how to examine and understand whether the CFL bulbs emits UV or not. SO the test is simple,

“If while burning, the shape of the coil is visible oe can come to conclusion that the concerned CFL emits UV radiations.”


Now the another obvious questions are who will get affected, what or how much will be the impact and how to avoid that. Then to help you I am stating some points which will make it more clear this matter.

1) Persons coming in close contact with CFL bulbs are more affected. The closeness as defined by HPA will be distance less than 30 centimeters. IF a person comes in contact with CFL with proximity of 2 centimeters for one hour, then that person’s exposure is equivalent to sun exposureon a hot summer’s day.


2) And to avoid this, CFL should be kept away from 30 centimeters. 


But this should not deter families from using CFLs. Because CFLs save almost 80% of electricity as compared to conventional bulbs. And as in house, the CFL is way away from us. So there is no need to panic. But this is just caution message, for general awareness of people. Because there are around 10,000 people worldwide who suffer from ailments caused by CFLs. So beware.



Prasad Kulkarni

Navi Mumbai.

Is Hon. Sheila Dixit wrong???

This is in responce to statement by Delhi CM Sheila Dixit on the murder of TV journalist Soumya Vishwanathan. Media is all ga-ga about the comment made by Delhi CM, but did they gave it a thought. Today media is all set to go onto any news, but they will not think about what are the comments and what we should interpret and what should be broadcast finally…Media don’t have that much time.

Delhi CM said, “Today girls/women are becoming more adventurous”. What is wrong in that statement??? She is also a woman and she knows what should be the boundaries that a woman or a man also should follow. If the journalist would have waited till dawn, she could have felt more safe. People go for jogging and walking from that time. And once you see some people strawling on the road, one feels that there is someone who will listen to me if something happens.


At 3:00 in the morning there will be nobody who is going to listen to her. So leaving office at going home at such a time is being adventurous. I also agree with Delhi CM. I don’t disagree with the fact that no matter what’s the time, murders do happen. But atleast you have some margin, atleast you can cry for help and people will also listen to it.


Another thing is that, this murder is not without motive, as no murder is without motive. There must have been some motive behind this. So why not search for that motive??? instead of calling names. And if she knew that there may be somebody out there who will be waiting to drink the blood, she should not take chances.


As a journalist, there are various threats. And people become friends as well as enemies also in this profession. She should have known this. She should have been carefull. She have not thought about this and that’s why the statement by Delhi CM isn’t totally wrong.


I also agree that the profession is such that you don’t have time limits and one need to work round the clock for getting the coverage. But a due care must be taken.


After such case, media should ask the questions about the safety issues and should not cry on whether the statement is correct or wrong. They should think positively about this statement. And instead of wasting time on such things (whether CM is right or wrong on such statements) media should think of how the safety should be improved. As we all know, Delhi is no safe place for anybody, let that be a Man or a Woman. So why take chances???


Better way, media should ask Delhi CM to improvise safety measures instead of crying. All journalist’s and other professionals who need to work in night shifts should take due care and always ask for safety rather than being ADVETUROUS…


Adding to this, my sincere apologies if I have hurt somebody’s sentiments. And My sincere condolence to the soul of TV Journalist Soumya Vishwanathan. May her soul rest in peace.



Prasad Kulkarni.May her soul rest in peace

Comparison between ancient leaders and current ones…

Today king or emperor is replaced by President, Prime Minister or Leader. But that’s not the only difference. A king used to see that his public, people seek utmost comfort in his/her regime. He used to personally see what is amiss in his society or state. But today politicians are busy in getting their pockets drenched with money. They don’t care about public anymore. The only time they care about public is election time.


In ancient days, a King used to change his get up, appearance and mix into public, unknown to public, and see what is going on in his society. This move of his was meant to find out what are the problems people need to face, what are the intricacies and hardships which they face in day-to-day life. But today we don’t find a single politician or leader (as they call themselves) irrespective of which party he or she belongs to.


Why this is so???


Because, today politicians are busy in travelling abroad for some reason or the other, irrespective of whether it is needed or not. One example I can cite here is of Pune Municipal Corporation members. PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation) members had gone to Simla for their annual meeting. Isn’t this pathetic? Why someone from Pune need to go to Simla for annual meeting? Can’t they solve the problems of Pune city by staying in Pune itself?


Today if a politician from any party wants to get himself called as True Leader he needs to go into public without any luxury he or she currently seeks. My challenge to all politicians is:

1)      Go into public without security, as a common man, and feel and see how insecure a common man’s life is.

2)      Go into public by changing get up and understand the problems. This is the best way to get to the root of the problems.

3)      Think of betterment of general public not yourself.


If any politician acts on above stated points and works for betterment of public, I will or rather public will salute to him/her and will willingly call him/her “A true leader”.