Is Hon. Sheila Dixit wrong???

This is in responce to statement by Delhi CM Sheila Dixit on the murder of TV journalist Soumya Vishwanathan. Media is all ga-ga about the comment made by Delhi CM, but did they gave it a thought. Today media is all set to go onto any news, but they will not think about what are the comments and what we should interpret and what should be broadcast finally…Media don’t have that much time.

Delhi CM said, “Today girls/women are becoming more adventurous”. What is wrong in that statement??? She is also a woman and she knows what should be the boundaries that a woman or a man also should follow. If the journalist would have waited till dawn, she could have felt more safe. People go for jogging and walking from that time. And once you see some people strawling on the road, one feels that there is someone who will listen to me if something happens.


At 3:00 in the morning there will be nobody who is going to listen to her. So leaving office at going home at such a time is being adventurous. I also agree with Delhi CM. I don’t disagree with the fact that no matter what’s the time, murders do happen. But atleast you have some margin, atleast you can cry for help and people will also listen to it.


Another thing is that, this murder is not without motive, as no murder is without motive. There must have been some motive behind this. So why not search for that motive??? instead of calling names. And if she knew that there may be somebody out there who will be waiting to drink the blood, she should not take chances.


As a journalist, there are various threats. And people become friends as well as enemies also in this profession. She should have known this. She should have been carefull. She have not thought about this and that’s why the statement by Delhi CM isn’t totally wrong.


I also agree that the profession is such that you don’t have time limits and one need to work round the clock for getting the coverage. But a due care must be taken.


After such case, media should ask the questions about the safety issues and should not cry on whether the statement is correct or wrong. They should think positively about this statement. And instead of wasting time on such things (whether CM is right or wrong on such statements) media should think of how the safety should be improved. As we all know, Delhi is no safe place for anybody, let that be a Man or a Woman. So why take chances???


Better way, media should ask Delhi CM to improvise safety measures instead of crying. All journalist’s and other professionals who need to work in night shifts should take due care and always ask for safety rather than being ADVETUROUS…


Adding to this, my sincere apologies if I have hurt somebody’s sentiments. And My sincere condolence to the soul of TV Journalist Soumya Vishwanathan. May her soul rest in peace.



Prasad Kulkarni.May her soul rest in peace

5 thoughts on “Is Hon. Sheila Dixit wrong???

  1. pULAK says:

    Dear Mr. Prasad,

    The media calling someone insensitive is a joke by itself. The reporters can become inhuman at times just to get some masala for their living and theis eds.

    I don’t know whether going out at 3AM with an escort is adventurous or not. But calling someone insensitive, when probably the person was being sensitive in a broader sense, by a set of necrophagists, is irony at its best.

    P.S. I am not a Sheila Dixit fan or a congress supporter.


  2. Hi Pulak,
    thanks for your valuable responce. But I didnt understand what do you measn by “I don’t know whether going out at 3AM with an escort is adventurous or not.”

    And I agree with your remark on how those mediamen and mediawomen too try hard and do whatever it takes to get the MASALA news…

    I am also no fan of Hon. Sheila Dixit or Congress. But by watching those news and reporters calling Delhi CM insensitive for her comment was very irritating to me. I dont understand why they can’t uderstand the broader aspect of all this.

    Instead of asking for safety they are calling names. And the other victim of this scene is also a reporter from TV News channel. I guess you have come across the other news telling a reporter in delhi got stabbed by knife by unknown persons in Defence colony.

    The scene is taking its toll.


  3. Meetali says:

    Factually Ms. Dixit might be right about Delhi being unsafe for women, but calling Soumya adventurous almost makes her look careless in this situation. The situation would have been no different if it was 10:30 pm instead or 3:40am. The city is unsafe period. Why get down to the personality traits of the person when you don’t even know her. And please do not generalize. How often have we had such incidents reported in broad day light.
    Saying that women are adventurous in this context makes Soumya look like a careless and a rash person who enjoyed living on the edge. And having known her for almost 10 years I know for a fact that the reality was just the opposite. The whole situation was turned around with the CM’s statement almost blaming Soumya for inviting trouble.
    I might not disagree with the CM accepting that delhi is unsafe. Its what she said after that is what troubles me. Soumya was NOT careless and would request all to respect her maturity and sensibility of dealing with situation. This incident should not raise any questions on her sensibilities.
    I know everyone is talking about the broader picture here. But I am sorry I cant look beyond Soumya in this whole issue.


  4. Hi Meetali,

    sorry for what I have written in my article. But that’s what I feel. In India or anywhere, a Male is more safe than a Female. I think you will agree with this statement.

    I also agree with you about the fact that CM’s statement was somewhat stark remark on a personality, but understanding that CM is also a Female and she understands what are the limitations for a woman in this world.

    Today Delhi is not safe for anybody, whether thats a male of a female. but saying this will not resolve the issues. You media person are the ones who wil influence government decisions rather than we people. So rather blaming on one particular statement will not solve the problem and rather you people should look forward to solve such issues. This is what I meant while writing the article.

    No doubt for those who know her personally the statement will hit like a bullet. But now what I will ask you is to look at the incident from a person’s perspective who dont know Soumya. What will be your reaction to it???
    As a third person who dont know Soumya, my reaction was yes, CM’ statement had some weightage. Because, one should know the limits of this society. No male or female should leave secure place in such a time of day or rather night.

    Now another aspect of this article was about getting out on road, at such a time. I agree, your working hours and schedules dont let you get out of the office early. But being a girl, shouldn’t you all ask for suitable working hours, and specially in a city like Delhi, where you or we all know its not safe to live. I know there are various constraints while resolving this issue, but a proper and fullproof solution should be approached.

    Finally, I apologise for if I have hurt your feelings. I know how one feels when a person close to you leaves you under such bad conditions. I am sorry once again if I have hurt your feelings, not only you but all of those, who were close to Soumya. I never meant in my article that Soumya was careless, but she should have taken extra precaution is what I mean.

    Thanks for your reply, as that opened a new dimension of Soumya’s demise. And sorry once again.

    Prasad Kulkarni.


  5. Okay, first things first. We live in a civilised society. When human being was evolving, the process was a very very long but refining one. First people used to fight and destroy each other, then the civilisation evolved and people started to live harmoniously together. Certain rules and regulations were framed, which later came to be know as Laws. As law breakers emerged, law makers or law protectors were empowerised to curb them. It became entirely, read again, entirely there responsibility to provide security to the members of a certain civilisation of which they were empowerised with. (Pakistan won’t go to help Norway). Therefore its the responsibility of Police (I am talking about police, unfortunately this particular thing is missing in Delhi, since long) to provide security to members of countries, which is a vast scale of civilisation. We, as Indians, got only one right (forget the 6 rights we were taught, this one’s new and the only one which practically exists in major parts of India, sans Bihar and some other places). We can ELECT, VOTE and seldom we use it judiciously. Once the election (which are numerous) are done, the value of a commoner for next 5 years is Nothing and hence when out country is not going through any election phase, almost 99.5% population is nullified, the other half percent being the politicians and bureaucrats.

    Now Dixit, well first of all forget she’s a CM (I wonder how in the world is that possible). Lets look into the fact that she is a lady, although her remarks for a fellow lady were, least to say, disgusting and unsensitive. Secondly, her being a public figure, people look at her as a source of motivation but sadly she is, again least to say, irresponsible apart from being shroud mouthed. Does any girl or lady on road at 3.00 is supposed to get the same fate as Soumya did? Well if that is so then we should accept your point and lets leave everything on ourselves, The fittest will survive and others, sadly, will get shot in delhi at 3.00.

    TRUCE, please, don’t try to explain or force your THOUGHTS on me. It doesn’t even matter this one’s published or not. I just want the blog owner to understand the difference between Society, civilisation and Jungle Raaj. Unfortunately my friend, charles darwin was so true in Delhi’s sense.


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