सत्य आणी स्वप्न…

सकाळच्या त्या प्रसन्न वातावरणात मी झोपलो असा कसा???
सतत खुणवणाऱ्या निद्रेच्या कवेत गेलो असा कसा???

हे मलाच नाही ठाउक, झालो कसा मी भावूक

हे मलाच नाही कळले, देहभान मी कधी विसरलो,
स्वप्नाच्या त्या रंगीत दुनियेत कधी अन् कसा हरवलो.

त्या रंगीत प्रकाशात ध्येय माझे मज दिसले,
पण त्या ठिकाणी पोहोचताच मृगजळ ते ठरले.

हे सत्य आहे की स्वप्न या विचाराने मन काहुरले,
सत्य काय हे जाणनेसाठी मन माझे सरसावले.

हे सत्य नव्हे स्वप्न जेव्हा मला कळले,
माझ्या अंगातले अवसानच सारे गळले.

जागा मी झालो तेव्हा म्हटलो, परत त्या दुनियेत जाणे नाही,
परत त्या स्वप्नांच्या चक्रव्युव्हात अड़काणे नाही,

पण आता हे नित्याचेच झाले आहे, नित्यनियम म्हणतात ना तसा,
निद्रेशी परत सलगी होते आणी त्या स्वप्नांच्या दुनियेत नकळत शिरतो हा असा.

आता सत्य अणि स्वप्न यातला फरक मला कळला,
दोघात पुसट रेशा असतात, आभास मला हा झाला.

या सगळ्यात एक मात्र स्पष्ट झाले आहे,
जे सत्यात तेच स्वप्नात आणी जे स्वप्नात तेच सत्यात हे मला उमगले आहे….
प्रसाद भगवंतराव कुलकर्णी
नवी मुंबई.

Does Fairness Creams play Fair???

and see this one..... is it true??? let me tell NIGROS about this product

and see this one..... is it true??? let me tell NIGROS about this product

Fair and Lovely, the landmark fairness cream all started to barge into human’s skin to make its black pigments vanish. The legacy started by Fair and Lovely was taken forward by some other fairness creams. Everybody states that using this fairness cream one can loose black effect of their skins. How true the claim is, is the debatable issue.

Till now claims and creams were limited to women only. But some years before they started to exploit and target men’s world also. Himani and Nivea are one of those who have thought for men. But again how true the claims are???

India is home to almost more than 100 crore people. There are every skin color available possibly present on this earth. North Indians, specially J&K, Himachal Pradesh are people with quite fair skins. On the other hand, Southern people are the beholders of dark skin. So we can see that as you move from North to South, the skin color changes from fair to dark. Comsidering that 50% of the Southern people, who are supposed to be darker than any other region, start using these fairness creams, wouldn’t they get fair as North Indians??? If the claim proves correct, then no human being on this earth would remain BLACK or DARK SKINNED. Everybody will become fair. Logically speaking, is this possible???

Madhur Bandarkar has provided us the answer to above question though his movie “Traffic Signal”. There in his film is a boy from Tamil province who is very dark skinned. He spends almost all his money on fairness creams so that he gets fair as others. But finally gives the verdict that, “This will never work. I hve been using these various fairness creams since so long, but none has proved to be helpful in making me fair”. Forget about the movie, but just have a look around you and you will be able to see people who use fairness creams daily but have very negligible effect on their skin color. This in itself in the proof of how true the claims are.

Now the another issue I want to raise here is, these fairness cream companies always claim in their advertisement that their’s fairness cream is the No. 1 fairness cream in India, without giving you any statistics to support, and with false color changes taking place on model’s face. Recently, Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has asked P&G the proof of being No. 1 which they (P&G) were claiming through their advertisement of OLAY. Since then, P&G have not aired the ad again.

Both the points stated above substantiate the thing how misleading the ads can be and no one can ever become fairer by using fairness creams. The color has been provided to you naturally and its very hard to alter it artificially. Only a small difference can be observed by the use of these creams.

Think and Act


Saurav Ganguly…Indian Cricket and Indian People…

Hats off to DADA.

He really played well and got off the cricket pitch with grace and pride. “He could have played some more matches”, thats the sentence which came out of my mouth the day he took retirement. That day I was really overwhelmed to know that DADA will no more be playing in the squad. And then came some incidents into my mind and that lit my mind.

I was really sorry for DADA. The way he built the team from scratch was really applaudable and appriciable. But as a general mentality we all always salute the RISING SUN and forget about SETING SUN. The same happened with Saurav Ganguly. Lately he was not playing as he played in his early days. But that should not have been the issue. He has contributed a lot when he was Captain. In some of the recent matches also he played like real BENGAL TIGER. But we should really think that there are bad patches in a players career. No player is a robot, everybody is human being. So characteristics of human beings is bound to be there in everybody.

Sachin Tendulkar may not perform well after he has crossed some years henceforth, but he will always remain GOD OF INDIAN CRICKET or rather GOD OF CRICKET as a whole. Because he has contributed almost 20 years of his life in cricket as of now. And he has shown some GOLDEN DAYS to Indian Cricket. Plus, he has uplifted the barrier and restrictions of Indian Cricket as nobody has done.

Similarly, Ussain Bolt, the fastest man on the earth might not retain his record in coming years. He might not complete the same distance within same time period. That is because he is human and not machine. Even machines too can not perform with the same vigour in their lifetime.

We have not payed a good tribute to Saurav DADA. We never considered that he too made some mistakes and he need to be forgiven for some things. He is human too.

Now coming to what Times of India, dated 25th Nov. 2008, article on SELECT PRAISE FOR DHONI.

I think TOI has made some mistake while putting in the column and specifically the table which gives detail about the captaincy records. It states that Ganguly has played 147 matches, won 76, lost 5 and nothing else. So does that mean Ganguly has only played 81 matches??? or is that some mistake??? So the CAPTAINCY AVERAGE is also wrong and false.

Actually speaking Ganguly has created very sound and concrete basement for Dhoni to work on. I am not denying DHONI is good captain. Infact I praise him about his commitment, brainy decisions and quick analysis power. Also how he gave captaincy to Ganguly in his last match to pay tribute to DADA. and similarly he asked Anil Kumble to come and share the trophy with him in concluding moments of the series with Australia. But I think DADA need more praise than anybody else as he has done so much to Indian Cricket and then come all other players.

This is what I think of this. There are other thoughts also in my mind. But i will elaborate them in my next blog.

But just give it a thought. DADA you were “BEST CAPTAIN EVER INDIA HAD”.

Greatest Indian Captain ever...

Prasad Kulkarni

Navi Mumbai.

India, Nuclear Power generation, Iran and Unconventional Source of energy…

Just day before yesterday, all the nation paid tribute to our late Indira Gandhi. On the very day I thought what an unusual leader India had in terms of Indira Gandhi. Strong, thinking, aggressive and great decision maker. We have seen so many leaders in that era who were actually willing to do something for India.

On the contrary, see what India today has got. Corrupted politicians, a leader who dances like a puppet in the hands of someone else, always selfish and thoughtless and what not. All the adjectives will fall short to describe them. Today India is merely a toy of USA. It will accept whatever USA has to say.

Indira Gandhi stood against of USA. America asked Indira Gandhi to withdraw the military from Pakistan. But she was so foresighted that she waited till the time she was able to keep the military could wait there. And when she saw some force coming she withdrew the exact moment. This is called strategy.

Our now-a-days leaders just say we will stand strongly against terrorism and we condemn and this and that. But where is the result boss??? Our Foreign relationship is very shabby. Relationships are there just to show butactually it can’t work better.

Indira Gandhi’s party has failed miserably on various fronts. Lets take some example.

123 Agreement. We all know Power or Electricity generation is of utmost important and critical problem in India. So India agreed to Nuclear Power Generation. But is that the only way to generate power??? We have various Unconventional Sources of energy (Even today I can’t figure out why we call it Unconventional Source though its been running before Human came into this world). We can use those sources to generate power. But no, we want westernised product only.

Now looking at 123 agreement from financial point of view, is it like that Nuclear Power Generation requires less finances and money as compared to extracting energy from Unconventional Source of energy??? I don’t think so. But what I feel is rather than wasting money on Nuclear power we can opt for the other alternative I have said above. Because some day or the other, Nuclear Raw Material is going to diminish from this earth. And then what??? Are we going to spend more money on that again in the future???

If you ask me, the obvious answer will be no. So why spend now also and then (in future also) also? Just go for Unconventional Source now only and forget about the future expenditure. Isn’t this feasible and most beneficial solution? But our politicians don’t think like this. Sadly they are dependent on America for fulfillment of energy needs even though India is having plenty of sources. This is very sad, but true.

Similarly, gas and oil are the need of hours. We need them anyway because we can’t generate them here. So we had talk with Iran for gas pipeline through Pakistan. The deal was on the verge of getting completed but somehow it broke and now we are in critical deficit of Gas. So India rather than paying attention to 123 agreement should have paid better attention to Iran Gas pipeline issue. But alas we have failed there also.

Poor Indian politicians are looking for short tern benefits also and nobody is paying attention to long term benefits. Generating power from Uranium is not easy and cheap. For that we will require some arcane machines and instruments which we don’t have. For those we will again have to depend on America. And here comes the shrewdness of America. America now will drain all Dollars from India for providing machines. This is the way they might have wanted this. Dollars reserves will declining like anything is India, and adding to that we signed the deal. America did the same thing to China. They asked China to revise Yuan but China refused outrightly. India also needs such a stubbornness. But we are lacking in it.

America has never been good to India. We have 60 years of Indo-American relationship. We can retrospect and see anytime that America always backed and chose Pakistan over India on various fronts. America never want India to be more powerfull than them. And thus they are trying to downpower India. But India is on the spree of blindly following the USA. So what can Indian people can do???

We can do various things, but just we will have to act on it very seriously.

Think and Act.

Prasad B. Kulkarni

Navi Mumbai