Saurav Ganguly…Indian Cricket and Indian People…

Hats off to DADA.

He really played well and got off the cricket pitch with grace and pride. “He could have played some more matches”, thats the sentence which came out of my mouth the day he took retirement. That day I was really overwhelmed to know that DADA will no more be playing in the squad. And then came some incidents into my mind and that lit my mind.

I was really sorry for DADA. The way he built the team from scratch was really applaudable and appriciable. But as a general mentality we all always salute the RISING SUN and forget about SETING SUN. The same happened with Saurav Ganguly. Lately he was not playing as he played in his early days. But that should not have been the issue. He has contributed a lot when he was Captain. In some of the recent matches also he played like real BENGAL TIGER. But we should really think that there are bad patches in a players career. No player is a robot, everybody is human being. So characteristics of human beings is bound to be there in everybody.

Sachin Tendulkar may not perform well after he has crossed some years henceforth, but he will always remain GOD OF INDIAN CRICKET or rather GOD OF CRICKET as a whole. Because he has contributed almost 20 years of his life in cricket as of now. And he has shown some GOLDEN DAYS to Indian Cricket. Plus, he has uplifted the barrier and restrictions of Indian Cricket as nobody has done.

Similarly, Ussain Bolt, the fastest man on the earth might not retain his record in coming years. He might not complete the same distance within same time period. That is because he is human and not machine. Even machines too can not perform with the same vigour in their lifetime.

We have not payed a good tribute to Saurav DADA. We never considered that he too made some mistakes and he need to be forgiven for some things. He is human too.

Now coming to what Times of India, dated 25th Nov. 2008, article on SELECT PRAISE FOR DHONI.

I think TOI has made some mistake while putting in the column and specifically the table which gives detail about the captaincy records. It states that Ganguly has played 147 matches, won 76, lost 5 and nothing else. So does that mean Ganguly has only played 81 matches??? or is that some mistake??? So the CAPTAINCY AVERAGE is also wrong and false.

Actually speaking Ganguly has created very sound and concrete basement for Dhoni to work on. I am not denying DHONI is good captain. Infact I praise him about his commitment, brainy decisions and quick analysis power. Also how he gave captaincy to Ganguly in his last match to pay tribute to DADA. and similarly he asked Anil Kumble to come and share the trophy with him in concluding moments of the series with Australia. But I think DADA need more praise than anybody else as he has done so much to Indian Cricket and then come all other players.

This is what I think of this. There are other thoughts also in my mind. But i will elaborate them in my next blog.

But just give it a thought. DADA you were “BEST CAPTAIN EVER INDIA HAD”.

Greatest Indian Captain ever...

Prasad Kulkarni

Navi Mumbai.