Prefer juices over cold-drinks…

Recently I was at my niece’s school for attending a Science Exhibition. The exhibition was having projects of students right from 1st standard to 10th standard. I was going through some of the projects and experiments. Astoundingly I came across a very simple, but very informative study project. The project spoke about and showed the ill-effects of Pepsi, Coke etc cold drinks on our teeth and other body parts too. The student emphasized the effect of cold drinks on teeth in particular.

The project was very simple. He had kept 4 eggs in the tray. One egg was looking white as if using “happydent white”. And the other two were looking like rusted iron and one was orange in color. Asked what is this, the boy promptly explained that,” egg shells are made of calcium. Similarly, our teeth are also made of calcium. When these eggshells were kept immersed in coke and pepsi showed signs of rusting and deteriorating. While the orange eggshell was kept immersed in Mirinda”.

When the boy showed me these observations and results, I was numb for some moments. My brain stopped thinking for some moments. And I thought, how much the cold drinks are spoiling our health. Despite knowing this, people go for cold drinks rather than some juices. Juices have some quality ingredients in it which will help boosting the health. Even the media industry is concentrating only on cold drinks. Why don’t people from media and entertainment industry come forward and try to imbibe in people the importance of drinking juices??? Is this only because of the reason that juice vendors or stalls cant pay them (stars) the money which these cold drink industries are paying??? Is this the sole reason???

Ithink stars should come forward and advertise the healthy product so that people will start to buy them. As we all know, people imitate highly influential personalities like Bollywood stars, I think this will be a better campaign to start selling such healthy juices instead of cold drinks. Because cold drinks don’t add any healthy ingredient, but juices do. What do you people say about this??? Should India experience anything like this???

Prasad B. Kulkarni



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