Load shedding or load sharing???


Is it load shedding or load sharing??? Obviously it is shedding from Governments’ perspective. As government can’t provide sufficient electricity to people, they try to shed off the responsibility from their shoulders and pass off that too people. This phenomenon hence we face is called as “Load Shedding”.

This has become a kind of festival in people’s lives now-a-days. Yes. This may sound ironic but this is the fact. Because people manage everything according to the load shedding hours. This is very much similar to Diwali or any other festival. We always wait for such an auspicious occasion to come. We wor hard and await the arrival of such festivals. Same is true with load shedding.

I will try and justify this with some examples. A housewife runs hard and try to get the ground nuts grounded in the stipulated time. There is no option of procrastination. If you procrastinate you will pay heavy price for that. Similarly, if you don’t iron your shirt and pant or saree too within that time, wear the creased cloths. Poeple now-a-days have started to sit in office for longer time. This is not because they care about the work, but because they are not willing to miss their favourite program or match, which they could have missed due to load shedding. There are myriad examples, justifying you the effect of load shedding in our lives.

Another strange thing I have noticed about load shedding (or is it load shading???) is that in winter when there is actually no die hard need of electricity in day time, as in winter afternoons are comparatively cooler, load shedding periods are very less. Contrast to this, in summer we all need electricity the whole day and can not live without that, the load shedding hours are more. How stupid is this thing??? Can MSEB or any electricity board think about this??? Don’t they have brains??? I am not able to figure out why this is so. For detailed insightful information about the difference and discrepency in load shedding hours, contact your respective state electricity boards.

Load shedding in places like Ambajogai, Parli, Buldhana last for almost 16-a8 hours. How fair is this load shedding period??? There are so many students studying hard for their respective exams. But if the load shedding persists for this long time, how are those students supposed to study??? And who is gonna take the blame of those students loosing thier grades??? While in Pune, Mumbai the load shedding in almost not there. Or at maximum it lasts for 1-2 hours. Why this impartiality??? If those cities are paying more, ask other towns also to pay more. But are you gonna provide them fair amount of electricity??? This is totally a mess.

Another thing comes to my mind when I think of load shedding is, why don’t Indian Government think and act on using Unconventional energy sources??? I am still not able to know why these sources are called Unconventional, despite they have been on this earth before anything came into being. So why call them unconventional??? In fact the sources we use now should be called Unconventional. Let that be. But why don’t Indian Government give subsidy on selling and manufacturing solar instruments instead of giving subsidies on complete waste things???

I think the solution to this problem according to me will be like following:

1) Impartialize the load shedding hours in all cities and towns.

2) Use various other “unconventional sources” to suppliment the need and distribution.

3) Reduce the load shedding hours in Summer time and increase in Winter time.

4) But most of all, try to eradicate the load shedding from people’s lives once and for all. Try some innovative ideas, do some research on this and come up with some bright ideas.

5) Use solar panels for lighting street lights and signals. As using solar panels for signals will reduce the load on board for day long time. Also street lights keep on providing bright light in day time also. So its complete waste of energy. And using solar energy will reduce the need of switching those lights off. (This will be very beneficial for lazy electricity board operators and linemen).

6) Also we can use the energy generated from the speed breakers and convert them for utilizing it for street lights or signals etc. There had been some experiments about converting the speed breaker energy into electricity. So capitalize on it.

These are some of the recommendations about using electricity in a better way. Reducing on load shedding and using electricity in a proper manner will help us in future. But we can not just blame electricity boards for this waste of electricity. People are also responsible equally. If people start to use electricity responsibly we can have load shedding free days, months or even years in our lives.


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