Can Mahatma be owned???

The mere physical and mortal items of Mahatma Gandhi can be owned by paying some ephemeral paper chips, but the question which arises here is, can anybody own Mahatma Gandhi by merely buying the items HE used to use???


If somebody says “yes” to the above raised question, then it’s a shameful, bovine, mean and cheap answer one can give. The things Mahatma used to use then carry some value but, the thoughts, vision, mission, compromises and austerity that Mahatma showed are invaluable.


Mr. Mallya atleast showed some respect, spirit by obtaining these items from auction and protected India from getting bloody faced. The credit of this act, like his other acts, should be given to Mr. Mallya. The debate on whether Indian Government was behind this auction or not is really untraceable. As only Mr. Mallya and Indian Government know the truth. Keeping that factor aside, credit should be given to Mr. Mallya for showing some sensitivity and emotional attachment towards Mahatma item’s auctions. In the past also, he braught canon or missile of Tipu Sultan and earned the similar respect. Is Mr Mallya the only one who have some sensitivity??? No other person is sensitive???


Just merely buying or obtaining or keeping items of Mahatma Gandhi, no person or political party should claim that they own Mahatma. As nobody, even after investing the last drop of blood, can own Mahatma. But yes, Mahatma can be owned, but not by buying his items but following his vision and mission.


Mr. Mallya should also not show or claim that he own Mahatma. I know he will not, but still. Similarly, no Indian political party should claim any credit of bringing these items to India and use it for electoral campaign, as that will only malign the stature of that party further.


Don’t try to own Mahatma, but be owned by Mahatma.



Prasad B. Kulkarni



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