I’ve been quite ill-fated about the friends and friendship. I almost always lived by the line, “A friend to all, is friend to none”. But was that really my fault??? I guess I was destined to be like this. You will say that this is unfair to blame it all on my destiny instead of working on it to make some indispensable friendship. You may go a step further and will blame me for not being able to gather some real friends. But this is not that straight and simple.


I always tried to be a good friend to almost everybody. Call me anytime and I was there to solve their problems. But when it was my turn to seek help nobody turned up. Who’s fault is it??? I got hurt that time and now don’t have any regret but in the course FRIENDSHIP got strangled.


I had my group right from nursery to Engineering final year. Everybody envied me and asked how can friendship last this long??? But those friendships were always one sided affairs. Only give and no take affairs for me. Again who’s fault??? Selfishness was the only thing at the root of those friendships, but not by my side. They called me, I never denied to go. They came to me, I never denied help. They spoke behind my back, I never retaliated. But was patient and always at the receiving end. But I am still trying to keep those relations alive, the only thing I’m not interested in it now. I am just carrying it out for formality sake.


Again approached my MBA college expecting I’ll get someone who will stand by me in any situation, who will truly be my friend in need and happy times too. But again dissappointment is what I got. Here I have experienced some bitter sides of relationships. Here again I tried to get real close to someone, be real friend to someone, but fell on my face like never before. I still remember, I had seen a spark of good friendship in a girl, whom I don’t want to name. I approached her, tried to be real good friend of her. But alas she mistook me, took all my approaches in a wrong way. I’m not hurt, because I had expected this kind of turn around of issues in the course.  But the biggest loss here is not loosing a friend but is seeing a FRIENDSHIP getting strangled and maligned.


Here again, I saw some friends, or should I call them one?, who stabbed in my back by calling names and maligning my image. But that I accept as the prize from my destiny. Now I am not worried about getting a good friend, because I know nobody’s there for me. Really, because in this world REAL FRIENDSHIP is non-existant. What you see is the selfish version of it. I’ve learned to live with man’s real friends, Books, Music, Nature and Self. Except these there are no real friends. But I here want to make one point clear, even I am saying this all, I have got some good friends through the course of my life till now. And I really admire and adore them. And I wish they will be always with me in every situation. These good friends are very less in numbers but You know, I’ll again say I am living by the line,” let the friends be less in number but let them be good”.


I don’t want to loose these friends now and I know I’m destined to have them by my side henceforth. I hope they all stick with me.



Prasad B. Kulkarni



3 thoughts on “FRIENDSHIP…

  1. sunil says:

    dear friend

    do not worry about friend always remain neutral whenever we help someone do not expect same thing in return

    tum ne kya layahai ke tumhe khone kar dar hai


    • Yea, Gita’s preaching is there, but how truly one can follow Gita?
      I never expected in return from someone, but the giving was too much from me. So after some time you definitely expect something in return.


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