A surprise birthday party…


It was 11:50 in the night of 4th July, I was sleeping. I was so overtaken by the sleep that I forgot that when the clock ticks 12:00 in the night, the next second I would be one year older than what I was. But I was not at all thinking about it. The conditions brought my thinking to a halt. I was sick with high fever. The fever rose well above the normal level. I was sleeping on one side, pulling the rug well over my head to avoid any contact with the external air. The fan which used to rotate over my head was standing still, as if it was staring popping his eyeballs out and looking at me wondering what happened to me. The light was off, door was closed and I was totally unaware of whether there was anybody present in the room. In fact I didn’t have the consciousness to look for all these things.


In that hibernation mode, my brain was thinking or rather events happened earlier flashed in front of my eyes. I had come to this place called Kharghar for seeking my MBA course. The day when we all came to this place came in front of me. I was looking at all the faces I saw that day, my room mates, my neighbours and some of the pals with whom I was gonna spend the two years of MBA. The day 27th June is itched in my mind like anything. As the days passed, the page of calendar turned to the month of July. We all started to attend the classes from the next day itself. In July we came to know that we are gonna have trip to Lonavla for 2 days. We all were enthralled and curious to go to that place with so many companions. The date was set 9th and 10th July.


Amidst all these things, I was wondering what will happen to my birthday??? Everybody was strange to each other. It takes time to build some rapport. And days from 27th June to 4th July were not enough to build such a relationship. There was nobody out there who will be interested to celebrate my birthday. As everybody were new there, there was nothing like "tradition of celebrating birthdays". I was out of home and I was thinking why the joining date was this early??? Had they been started the college from 7th or 8th July, I could have celebrated my birthday with my mother and then joined the college. But now that choice was not there. With a sigh, I started to live my life there at ITM, Kharghar. I was thinking all this in my sleep and all these events and thoughts flashed in front of eyes.


Suddenly I started to feel some pulling and pushing. I woke up to see what had happened. The sudden change in the process scared me. I woke suddenly up and felt the heavy breathing going through my nostrils and heart. I took some time for me to come to conscience and understand what happened. After some time I understood that all my room mates and my neighbours were there trying to wake me up. I asked them what had happened. They all asked me to come to the adjacent room. I started to complain that I am not feeling quite well to walk and come there. But they were little pushy for me to come there. Gathering some strength I stood and started to proceed to the adjacent room. They all were waiting for me there. As and when I entered the room, everybody burst into claps and cheers, saying "Happy Birthday" to me. I was so overwhelmed by the efforts and celebration that I was not able to utter anything. My eyes started to show signs of tears.


They had brought cake for me by contributing some money. And they kept this act secret, and I was completely incognizant about all these developments. I was so touched by the celebration. I thanked everybody for such a wonderfull experience and making my birthday special, which otherwise could have been boring. They filled colors in my transition from 22nd year to 23rd year. I was not expecting any of such things happening with me. But, if its written in your destiny, its ought to happen. Really, that was real surprise birthday party. I will never forget this guys. Cheers to all room no. 3 and 4 of Shrinivas (where I spent my two years of MBA). I really miss you guys now. I really miss that special relationship we all shared.


Prasad B. Kulkarni



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