CSK’s day…

Third day of IPL 2.0. Match between CSK and BRC. CSK beaten by Mumbai Indians in the previous match were under pressure to prove themselves and Bangalore Royal Challengers after beating Rajasthan Royals were on a high, but willing to maintain the winning streak. But the day was marked for something else.


With some clouds hovering above the ground indicating some rain later in the match. Dhoni after winning the toss elected to bat first. Parthiv Patel and Matthew Hayden proved Dhoni’s decision correct and gave a rollicking start to CSK. Till 10th over they were butchering RC’s bowlers like anything. But in 11th over Kevin Pietersen brought some relief to the Bangalore camp. But till then the time was gone. CSK had got the start they would have expected. CSK got a respectable score on the board at the end of the innings. CSK were 179 at the end of the innings.


In the second innings, RC came with a positive approach. But nothing worked for them. No pair could build any substantial partnership. With asking rate climbing up every batsman failed to put something good on the score board. Muttiah Muralidharan in his first game grabbed some wickets and was amazing. CSK was having great commitments on the field while bowling. M. Goni, Muralidharan, Morkel and Freddie showed some excellent bowling art. Kevin Pietersen, Praveen Kumar, Ross Taylor were not able to impress the crowd. They never seemed in the nick of the game. Kallis, Dravid and Uthapa showed some resistance but was not enough to take them to a convincing win.


Overall, the day showed some positive and rolling play of CSK. They showed some mettle in batting and bowling area. And that what was sufficient for them. The pitch was very much on the side of a batsman, but Bangalore Challengers failed to show some resistance and fell like a house of cards. Both the teams now have 1 win and 1 loss each. The coming matches will show who will dominate this season. So stay tuned and keep watching DLF IPL 2009 on Set Max.



Prasad B. Kulkarni


Rain- Winner in 1st match and Deccan Chargers were superb in second one…

Well, well, well. What a day it turned out to be. As was the previous day, there were two matches. One was between Delhi Daredevils and Kings Eleven Punjab, and the other being between Deccan Chargers and Kolkata Knight Riders. Not so good day for play, as the first match was swept by rain. It reduced to 14 overs per innings at first and then to 12 overs a side. So play was on and off due to interfering rain.


Talking about the match between DD and KXIP. Both teams were having some big names. So it was predicted to be the enthralling match. But Rain God had something different in his mind. It swept all things. KXIP (King’s Eleven Punjab) started the proceedings with great charm. Both the openers had their piece of work done very diligently. But then whoever came couldn’t compromise a lot. Sangakkara and Yuvraj seemed to be bringing the pace which they saw in the beginning. But then Sangakkara failed to keep the ball down and Mahela made a mess of Yuvraj. Otherwise we could have seen some 3-4 sixes from the in-form Yuvraj. But alas, in the very next over Mahela scooped the ball to long on and gave up. At one time, looking at KXIP’s innings everybody was expecting a total of around 130-135. But DD (Delhi Daredevils) managed to contain the KXIP to 105. That total also looked good on that particular pitch which was supporting bowling. But rain again started his play and the target came down to 54. And it was piece of cake for Virendra and Gautam. They managed to get there without loosing any wicket. DD won the match, but I don’t find any credibility to be given to DD, as they really did nothing. Hard luck for KXIP and hard luck for Preity Zinta.


The second match started after some time but came up with full overs in line. This match was between KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) and DC (Deccan Chargers). KKR didn’t seem to be in the play. Openers were not able to score. In the very second over, McCullum lost to RP Singh. RP again managed to take Chris Gayle away from the pitch with a beauty ball. DC never lost the sight on their target, kept the tight grip on the game all the time. Gibbs and Rohit Sharma showed some great commitment on the field with gripping on some great catches and stopping some certain fours. Fidel Edwards, RP Singh, Pragyan Ojha bowled fantastic spells to contain KKR for only 101 all down. No batsmen from KKR looked in form and nothing looking in place. McCullum actually started in on a wrong note. Going by popular theory of “Chasing under lights is not easy, so go for batting first”. But he forgot the fact that the match actually started under the lights. So it was never gonna be the turning point. Gilchrist made some simple stumpings and Manpreet Singh, the debutant in IPL took the wicket of Saurav Ganguly. 101 was a meagre target for the likes of Gibbs and Gilchrist. They both started of well, but Gilchrist fell to enthusiasm of hitting an offside ball to on side, and gave a not so easy catch to mid-wicket. But then Rohit and Gibbs guided DC to an easy and emphatic win over KKR. This was quite easy for DC. Hope next time DC gets something really to chase for.


The day in all was good, with the yesteryear minnow DC showing some strength and eagerness and content for the play. KXIP loosing to the rain rather than Delhi Daredevils. The day showed some of the longest hit sixes in IPL history.



Prasad B. Kulkarni


First day rocked by supposedly minnows…

Halloa…..what an amazing day of IPL 2.0. Rocking performances by two supposedly minnow teams. Bangalore Challengers and Mumbai Indians were the minnows in the first season of IPL. They were the bottom two teams and Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were the top two teams. But time and again we have seen that in the game of cricket there is no certainty and no thing like minnow teams. We have seen even Holland upsetting the bigwigs. Probabilities don’t work at the game of cricket.


Talking about Mumbai Indians first. Mumbai Indians were in firm grip of the game right from the moment when they took wicket of Parthiv Patel in the very first over. But Hayden and Freddie seemed to take the game away. Thanks to bhajji and Jayasuriya for their wonderful bowling efforts and the fielders for their amazing fielding efforts. Remember the catch Raje took in the deep which dismissed Raina. That was wonderful. Taking the catch in the very yard of boundary line and maintaining the distance from it. That was wonderful. Also the catch Sachin took at the slips. With bowling line up having Lasith Malinga, Dwayne Bravo and Zaheer Khan. Sachin also showed the spark in batting which came directly from the New Zealand soil. He came for opening and stayed there till the proceedings end. With Abhishek also chipped in and came handy as he scored 32 of just 14 balls. So it was in all great team play by Mumbai Indians. Chennai Super Kings were also not bad. They were also equally good, not that they were not. But the day was not theirs. But this was victory of Sachin over Dhoni, clearly. Both had some issues in their team line up, as talked by the experts, but Sachin was more successful than Dhoni. In all, it was a day of Mumbai Indians.


Now coming to the second match of the day. Bangalore Challengers started the proceedings with great shiver. They lost the two top batsmen in a zippy. Dimitri was wonderful in balling. But Bangalore Challengers gathered courage and showed some resistance to the Rajasthan Royals, who were the top team in first season. Rahul Dravid once again showed his CLASS. What a wonderful innings he played out there. Poise and class were the highlights of his batting. Once he got past his fifty he stroked some sixes and fours. With his efforts and others also coming handy they reached to some commendable score, which they could have thought of defending. Shane Warne once again showed his class in bowling. He with his historical turns and twists in bowling, he got two wickets without letting runs flow. 134 was not that hard target to achieve, but with great efforts in bowling and fielding they bagged the victory. Anil Kumble again showing his class in bowling got 5 wickets and didn’t allow the bottom line players to play. Rajasthan Royals who were in top previous season have registered lowest score in IPL, which is 58/10.


All in all, the day was amazing for the start of IPL 2.0, with some shocks and some great efforts. Kudos to IPL, that we are enjoying such a great game. But had this been in India, we could have enjoyed it better than this. Anyways, it was great starting day.



Prasad B. Kulkarni


चातकीय मतदान.


मेघ दाटूनी आले हिमवर्षावासाठी जणू,

धरित्री पुलकित झाली रोमांचला अणु रेणू.


पावसाची लागता चाहूल चातक झाले बेभान,

उडू लागले सैरभैर विसरून आपले देहभान.


पाण्याची होती त्यास प्रतिक्षा गत श्रावणापासून,

पाण्याचा थेंब पडेल म्हणून बसले ते आ-वासून.


पण यंदाही त्याची परत झाली फसगत,

विना पावसाने त्याची वेडया सारखी झाली गत.


पण तो क्षुद्र पामर काय करणार?

पुसू लागला सगळ्यान्ना, परत कधी पाउस पडणार?


आपल्या देशात लोकांचेही असेच आहेत हाल,

विकास कधी होणार हे विचारून ते झाले आहेत बेहाल


दर पाच वर्षान्नी मतदानरूपी मेघ दाटूनी येतो

लोकांच्या पैशाला आणी आशेला वाटा पाडून जातो


मतदानमेघाची चाहूल लागताच मतदार होतात वेडे

दिसेल त्याला वाटत सुटतात कपडे, पैसे आणी पेढे


लोकांना वाटते अता तरी विकास काम मार्गस्थ होतील

रस्ते, पाणी आणी वीजेचे प्रश्न ज़रा सुटतील


पण तीथे चातकाची जी अवस्था तीच लोकांची येथे होते

इच्छा अपेक्षा जागीच मरतात, आणी परिस्थिती परत जैसे थे


परत पुढील मतदाराकडूनच्या अपेक्षा बांधणीस सुरुवात होते

हे जाणून सुद्धा की पुढील पीक ही तसेच आहे जसे पूर्वीचे होते.



प्रसाद भगवंतराव कुलकर्णी