Road etiquettes: Is it right?

The other day I was riding my cousin’s Bullet. I was enjoying the wonderful and cosy ride. Suddenly my cousin who is elder to me asked me a question that baffled the small veins in my brain. The question was pretty simple, but the thought I needed to put behind answering that question was really staggering. Some discussion went into the matter, but for the sake of enjoying the wondrous ride I gave it a little thought. But the question remained in my back of the mind.


The next day, I was driving his Fiat and again at the crossing came his question as an arrow. Now I decided to give it a thought. I listened to his question and his take on it. He was actually not convinced by the teaching we receive when we are in school about the road etiquettes. We are told to see left first and then to right while crossing the road. The same rule follows when we are walking down the street or driving along the road. But looking at the teaching one can say the the rule follows in US and not in India.


Obviously you will question what I am saying but think about it. Whenever you are crossing a road, in India, you will have to check the flow of traffic coming from your right side first and then half-a-way down the road you need to check the left side traffic. Is it not? Then why in the childhood are we taught for looking to left side first and then to right side, when it will prove fatal if followed literally. So what we are taught in schools and elsewhere, is it right? What comes first then? Looking at Right or Looking at Left?


What do you think???




Prasad B. Kulkarni



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