Mile sur mera tumhara – A must possession of an Indian…


I was fond of this song since so many years. This song has been on my mouth tips since young age, as this song is created in 1988, just 3 years after my birth. So everyday on Radio (Back then) and T.V. this song used to air trying to instil a sense of pride and unity among we Indians. This song was broadcasted by Doordarshan back then, as that was the only channel aired in whole India. This song has been composed in 14 different Indian languages and shows or makes us feel that we have so many different gods iterating the same thing.


I love this song very much. Whenever I listen to this song, it makes me feel something different, it makes my blood run on high notes and some extra flesh pounds in my body thinking I am a son of this great INDIA where there is Unity in Diversity. This video is a high quality video which I found on youtube. And I think this is must possess song for Indians, so guys don’t waste time and download the song.


This is one of the patriotic songs which makes me feel elated. Though I know that this song is not a patriotic song (as this song was not involved in any freedom fighting) but a cultural exploration, and in a way it is patriotic only.



Prasad B. Kulkarni



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