It’s great to have multi-tasking skills. It really helps in gaining some weightage at your workplace and at times socially also. When at relative’s place a multi-tasking person really gets all the attention.


But multi-tasking at some places is really uncalled for and unnecessary too. Multi-tasking while driving or voyage is what I am talking of. Recently I was travelling by train. With almost ass seats reserved I asked my mom to be seated on the only vacant seat and I decided to stand near the door. There was a fellow, rather a boy of age around 25, already standing at the door so could not get the position of a doorman.


While standing there I spotted one thing that he was standing with his head tilted to hold the mobile between his head and left ear, with his two spare hands he was grinding tobacco and he was not holding the handle for safety too. This type of multi-tasking is risky one. Similarly while driving a two wheeler I have seen too many people talking on the phone while driving. Is that really necessary? One can always ignore the call and recall once you are off the bike or out of the car. Other option is to stop at the side of the road and pick up the phone. Other option is to go for a hands free, which is generally provided by the mobile company. But such a multi-tasking people show, is not necessary.



Prasad B. Kulkarni



Quote of the Day:
He who laughs last has not yet heard the bad news.
–Bertolt Brecht


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