Identity Crisis…

Really a huge problem in front of we people right now. What’s your real identity? Do you know the real thing about yourself? Does your close ones know the real identity of yours?

There are umpteenth number of occasions when we suffer of this “Identity Crisis”. Do you get anything in your head burning? Can you think of a situation that has happened in your life where you felt the Identity Crisis?

Well, how about following example?

Suppose you are out of your house and someone who looks exactly the same with similar habits and behavior comes in your home. Some time after you come back and see yourself sitting in the couch. Upon questioning his origin and authenticity he cross-questions you asking the same things and you feel how am I gonna prove my closed ones that I am the real person and this one is fake?

Does your parents know something special about yourself that the others may not know. Because when such person tries to infiltrate your family life, they come well prepared and you better pull your socks up and think what’s unique about you and yes, your family should know about this uniqueness.

Well, the situation may seem filmy here, but let me tell you that however filmy such things happen in our lives. These occasions may not be the exact replica of what I have portrayed above, but the gist is the same. The story holds it’s plot though the characters differ.

When we fail somewhere down the line, make some mistake at some point or don’t get what we deserve, we sit dejected and lonesome. That time this “Identity Crisis” peeks its head up. You start thinking

a) Who am I?

b) What’s my identity?

c) What’s my forte?

These questions coming in our mind indicates the “Identity Crisis”. This thing happens with each and everyone. And the need of knowing some unique characteristics of yourself come handy at this point. The relatives or family in the consideration will be your mind and yourself will ultimately depict your body.

So in such an emergency, your mind should know what’s that uniqueness that will distinguish between you and your dummy. So always keep in mind

a) Who am I?

b) What’s my identity, and

c) What’s my forte?

before falling prey to “Identity Crisis”.


2 thoughts on “Identity Crisis…

  1. Identity Crisis forms your identity. The crisis gets you to the point where you choose one of the identities that you are exploring.
    Identity Crises aren’t always negative – they are just those crossing points of choosing one identity over the other. It’s possible to create “me’s” that you explore (the fake ones in your examples). Even the fake ones are you, and the crises helps you to choose the fake ones (that are you real) from the real “me’s” that you like that you want everyone to know are you.
    Great post man.


    • Very True. Exactly what I wanted to write. What I meant by this post was to come out of the Identity Crisis in a positive way. Its definitely a crossing point, but take the right track.
      Thanks for reply.


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