4G before 3G???

Well guys, there is one surprising news  here.

“Intel is thinking of entering in Indian market with 4G”

4g-logo Yes, Intel is in conversation with some major telecom companies in India like Bharti, Reliance etc. Intel wants minority stakes of these companies and is willing to introduce WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) in India. WiMAX is one of the BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) technology which is in nascent stages in India. Almost all of the US is using WiMAX and 4G technologies and India is not yet decided on 3G.


Isn’t it a shame that even after declaring the introduction of 3G in India since almost 1 and half year, we are still at the “no-where” situation? DoT (Department of Telecom) and Defence Ministry are fighting over the spectrum availability since some months now. Don’t know who is at fault, but its getting stand-still again after some movement. Even if someone goes for RTI (Right to Information) I doubt how revealing that would be.


3g_candyLOGO1 Currently India is having only 6.5 million broadband subscribers, which is very much below par as compared to the estimated 20 million till 2010. So if the government is not able to bring customers to broadband, what they will be able to do for wireless? The main problem because of which people are reluctant even for broadband, let alone for wireless is, the price tag with which they come. The huge price which the subscriber is asked to pay makes them shy away from the services.


At first the government should clear the mess about 3G and then pave the way for 4G. Because 4G is supposed to be one stage ahead of 3G. So if 4G is made available in India, who will go for 3G? And then the setup for 3G will go in vein.

But the thing is that, 3G and 4G will be very costly for general public and hence won’t gain momentum till the government makes in usable to common public.


2 thoughts on “4G before 3G???

  1. I would recommend that they read Five Myths Of Consumer Behavior by Paul AllEn Smethers. Consumers have not adopted this technology yet and will not be “addicted to it”. An analogy made in this book is the comparison of the European mobile market Vs. The Japanese mobile market. Japan had taken several years and developed a strong organic adoption of this technology, but European telecom companies tried to rush through and develop extremely advanced phones and networks for a consumer group that had not yet adopted this new technology. There is a lot of difference between a mature market and a new one. The coulture of a general consumer is to not early adopt but to wait until they have developed a strong interest. Check it out. It is a good read.


    • Exactly. The market needs some time to mature and attaining maturity takes some time and efforts too. A human being also matures himself into an adult only after going through the stage of kid and adolescence. So it won’t help if India hurries into things like this.

      At first they need to bring down the rates of broadband internet service and with gradual introduction of 3G the market will mature up. The intelligence is to make basic things available in abundance and with quality and then go for advances things.


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