Abstract Thought…

Hello World.

This is has been a real real long time that I have blogged something. Because of my schedule I am not able to cope up with thinking and writing at the same spur of moment. But still I am jotting down the thoughts, so as to make up good articles in coming future.

Today’s post is about abstract thoughts and what everyone makes out of the statement. I guess, we all have come across some abstract thoughts at least once in a while. But that thought to one person means something else to other. Why does such thing happen? Because whatever we think, we have some sort of history behind that thought. That’s why the perception changes.

We have seen in many aptitude tests, that presenter asks a question “what will you say if I ask you to tell me about this black dot”? The black dot is just a pen nib’s touch on the cheeks of white board. But what one person perceives about that black dot can be drastically different from other. Similarly, abstract painting also is living on the same notion. Of Perception.

Today I am gonna pitch in a statement, which is an abstract one. And you guys reply me back quoting what you think about the statement. How do you perceive? The statement is as follows:

“To be able to keep the inner doors open, one should learn to keep the outer doors closed.”

Post your replies, pitch in with some extravagant thoughts and ideas 🙂