Missing one of my guardian…

Its been 15 years (yea, almost 15 years) that I don’t have my father around. I lost him to Cancer. But I was very small to suffer any impact of the loss. My mother never allowed the feeling of not having him around creep into my life. I owe a lot (which cannot be equaled even if I invest my whole 81 rebirths combined) to my mother.


But as I grew up and was able to understand things, whenever I used to see my friends holding hands of their father, I felt why the God was so unfair with me? But then life has taught me various things (of course the hard way) through this sufferings. May be God wanted me to be bold, brave and responsible; thats how I take this.


But today, I am suddenly feeling the void. I am here in Bangalore, Karnataka which is my father’s birth state; searching for an accommodation and currently in a nomadic situation. If my father would have been alive today, he would have come here with me, talked with the people in Kannada and I wouldn’t be in this situation. (Its different thing that Kannada language didn’t hamper my accommodation status, but still was case to be considered)


Don’t know what else to say, but I am missing my father so much. He was my savior, guardian and the best pal (from as far as I know).


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