Random act of kindness…

First of all, act of kindness cannot be “Random”, it has to come from within. I don’t know why this phrase has come into existence in English language. But alas, nevertheless, its an act of kindness that i witness and experienced yesterday.


I am new in Bangalore, recently got transfered here. So I have been given a company guest house for some time. The last date of accommodation is of today only (28th Oct 2010) and I am yet to find an accommodation (damn this city and accommodations here, they are so tough to find and finalize) 🙂

Anyways, as Diwali is nearing and I am leaving to my hometown on 29th, I thought it would be good if I don’t need to look for 1 day accommodation. So went and ask my guest house manager if he can accommodate me for a single night.


Sticking to the rule, he could have denied my request, but instead of doing that, he said “OK sir, there should not be any issue if you stay here for a night. Its the matter of 1 night only, so why are you worried?”

This is a small incidence, which can happen with anyone. But this act of kindness made me speechless, I was short of words to express my happiness and tried to thank him in every manner 🙂


Such was the incidence, which made me think, if everyone tries “this much” at least to make other’s life more bearable and happy, that would count for “RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS” and ultimately make him a better person.


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