Stark Questions – Awkward Moments…

It was another day on Facebook. These days I don’t come on Facebook much, but was there to upload pictures we took when we had a tweet-up in “Hard Rock Café”, Bengaluru. Now this article is about people’s mentality. Can’t there be a simple relationship of “Friends” between a girl and boy? Is it must that it should be named as “Girlfriend or Boyfriend”?


I understand the anxiety of knowing whether I am committed to someone or not, but then there are other ways of asking it. Should it be straightforward “Is she your girlfriend?” question? You can ask, “Who’s she” and if she is my girlfriend then I have no shame or reservation of keeping that a secret from world. Why would I be hiding that I have a girlfriend? Mark Zuckerberg has given me an option of showing “Committed” in Facebook status. Wouldn’t I disclose that?


It becomes awkward on mine and my friends part too when such questions are thrown straight into our faces. Guys don’t embarrass me and my friends.

1)     There can be a simple relation of Friendship between a boy and girl.

2)     And I am NOT committed yet. So I am single and ready to mingle. 😀

Beginnings of Corporate Life…

After lunch I was resting on a couch in the corridor of my office. My friend was also with me. We were discussing some issues he was facing. Those issues were not related to office but with accommodation facilities in Bangalore. Slowly from this topic to that topic, the focus of discussion shifted to project allocation.


He was saying, in general, people from particular state should get projects in cities in and around that state only. If suppose there are 4-5 people from one particular state, then company (any) should consider allocating to respective state projects only. At least they can keep the people from same state together. So I explained him, this cannot be the case every time. We always carry some perception about how our job should be, but it’s not necessary that whatever you are thinking should hold true. You think from your perspective, but you are not alone for them. They have to take care of more than thousand employees. If they keep on considering your requests day in and day out, how can the projects complete and company develop? After certain time, one can always ask for their preferences and that time they may get considered also, considering the fact that you worked as per their terms previously.


Also when guys or girls join any company, they think that everything should be as comfortable as their home town and home. But seriously thinking or applying common sense, can that happen? My native place will always be more comfortable to me considering the fact that I have been staying there for past some years. So how can you feel the same coziness in some other town? That means you will have to adjust, get more accommodative towards whatever circumstances you are currently living in. In first some months in any organization you feel alien as you don’t have much to do. But that’s the real testing time. If you can sustain that critical time, you can sustain anywhere and your future will hold good. Things may not work your way, but you will anyhow have to face it boldly without buckling under its pressure. Everyone goes through this stage and they have to, there cannot be any escape.








Face the pressure now and after certain time, you will enjoy this time. You will think about it in retrospect and will surely guide the coming batch of young generation. I am damn sure about that.

Nayak 2…

“Nayak” the movie starring Anil Kapoor was anything but fallacy. We are seriously living in such a country where Government is slave of politics and politicians are the masters of Democracy. Though the thing of becoming a Prime Minister of Chief Minister for 1 day was a fantasy, the movie actually showed how bad things turned into worst things can be resolved and turned into “Everyone ever lived happily” thing.


Today there is lot of hue and cry of people outside from Maharashtra coming and settling in. That does create lot of problems not only to people living there but also on the government. It puts lot of pressure on municipality and police department to keep the law and order in control. This in no sense to say that people should not come to Maharashtra. Don’t start to judge me, but think about it.


Why do people want to travel all the way to Maharashtra travelling 1000 Kms? Its their “paapi pet” (need of cloths, food and shelter) which makes them do these things. Wouldn’t it be nice if people get jobs in their own cities or states? The niche jobs like engineering and management are irrespective of location, that’s for sure. White collar people need to travel a lot and location cannot be a bound for them. No one is pointing fingers to them.


So the reference to Nayak is that, I want Nayak-2 to happen and I want to be the journalist asking question. I want to be either PM of India or Chief Minister of Bihar / Uttar Pradesh. People from that land have to travel against their will just to get their stomachs filled with minimal amount of food. I want to change that scene. I want to create jobs and employment there in their own states so that they don’t need to be away from their own land. I really don’t know whats been keeping these two states from developing? Is it only state politics or National level one?


One thing is for sure, India on whole cannot make much of development (yeah, even considering the fact that we are now becoming one of the super powers of the world) per say. We could have done lot better in these 60 years, but we have not.


So waiting for “Nayak – 2” to happen.

Old Age Problems…

There is an old woman residing besides my house. My mother and she are morning walk friends. Women do have habits of chattering more and walking less. But to be frank, I think it does have some reason behind their such behavior. Sharing their problems and reducing the burden from their hearts is the root cause. Bitching about others and spreading gossips is another.


So that day the woman was telling my mother how problematic her life has become. Her own son doesn’t respect her, let alone her daughter in law. They don’t ask whether she has taken tea, breakfast or meal or not. They carry on their own chores without worrying for this 75+ aged woman. Both of them don’t even ask her if she is feeling well or not, taking her to a doctor is distant thing. The son is highly educated, but whats the use if he can’t look after her mother and take care of her. How these brats don’t understand that, if it had not been for their parents, they would have been begging around some signal.


I really hope no one should go through such an old age, not even my enemies. I am thankful to lord that my mother won’t be going through all of this 🙂