Old Age Problems…

There is an old woman residing besides my house. My mother and she are morning walk friends. Women do have habits of chattering more and walking less. But to be frank, I think it does have some reason behind their such behavior. Sharing their problems and reducing the burden from their hearts is the root cause. Bitching about others and spreading gossips is another.


So that day the woman was telling my mother how problematic her life has become. Her own son doesn’t respect her, let alone her daughter in law. They don’t ask whether she has taken tea, breakfast or meal or not. They carry on their own chores without worrying for this 75+ aged woman. Both of them don’t even ask her if she is feeling well or not, taking her to a doctor is distant thing. The son is highly educated, but whats the use if he can’t look after her mother and take care of her. How these brats don’t understand that, if it had not been for their parents, they would have been begging around some signal.


I really hope no one should go through such an old age, not even my enemies. I am thankful to lord that my mother won’t be going through all of this 🙂


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