Beginnings of Corporate Life…

After lunch I was resting on a couch in the corridor of my office. My friend was also with me. We were discussing some issues he was facing. Those issues were not related to office but with accommodation facilities in Bangalore. Slowly from this topic to that topic, the focus of discussion shifted to project allocation.


He was saying, in general, people from particular state should get projects in cities in and around that state only. If suppose there are 4-5 people from one particular state, then company (any) should consider allocating to respective state projects only. At least they can keep the people from same state together. So I explained him, this cannot be the case every time. We always carry some perception about how our job should be, but it’s not necessary that whatever you are thinking should hold true. You think from your perspective, but you are not alone for them. They have to take care of more than thousand employees. If they keep on considering your requests day in and day out, how can the projects complete and company develop? After certain time, one can always ask for their preferences and that time they may get considered also, considering the fact that you worked as per their terms previously.


Also when guys or girls join any company, they think that everything should be as comfortable as their home town and home. But seriously thinking or applying common sense, can that happen? My native place will always be more comfortable to me considering the fact that I have been staying there for past some years. So how can you feel the same coziness in some other town? That means you will have to adjust, get more accommodative towards whatever circumstances you are currently living in. In first some months in any organization you feel alien as you don’t have much to do. But that’s the real testing time. If you can sustain that critical time, you can sustain anywhere and your future will hold good. Things may not work your way, but you will anyhow have to face it boldly without buckling under its pressure. Everyone goes through this stage and they have to, there cannot be any escape.








Face the pressure now and after certain time, you will enjoy this time. You will think about it in retrospect and will surely guide the coming batch of young generation. I am damn sure about that.


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