Bangalore – Either You Leave Office Early or Late…

Yes, in Bangalore either you leave the office early or late, but never on time 🙂

There can be n number of reasons why you would want to leave your office early or late, generally when you work in Bangalore. The pattern generally depends on whether you are married or bachelor. I would quote the obvious reasons for these conditions in this article.

If you are married then you would leave early, say at around 05:30 PM. And if you are bachelor, it is exactly other side of it, you will stay back some time and then leave at around 07:30 – 08:00 PM. Now the reasons behind both the occurrences and situations are same, not so surprisingly.


1)      The most common reason behind this is you don’t want to see or hear yourself ranting about traffic by standing still at one point for about half an hour. That would be complete waste of energy, isn’t it? Vehicles move inch-by-inch in Bangalore from 06:00 – 07:30 PM.


2)      The other most probable reason being, “it might be raining in Bangalore”. Because every alternate day, it rains here in Bangalore irrespective of the season. So you would not want yourself to be traffucked and then get drenched.


3)      Third reason is your boss leaves early because he wants to spend some time with his family. So you think “why not stay late and surf internet in office?” Because generally offices have high speed internet connection. Now the thing is that, most of the sites you would otherwise wanna surf like Facebook, software downloading sites and Social Networking sites are blocked in almost every office, but still you can surf the reading material there with coziness.


4)      Fourth reason is, either your girlfriend or your wife (yea, that’s also a possibility) works in your office only or some other office and will be joining you while heading home. Then also you might stay a bit late.


5)      Another common reason can be you are heavily loaded with work and your boss has asked you not to leave the office until you finish the work. In such circumstances it becomes inevitable, though without any choice, to stay back in office and finish up the task.


6)      If you like to drive on semi-empty roads and like to drive with above average speed, then also you might stay back a bit and leave office at around 07:15 PM. That time most of the roads start evacuating and you won’t get much traffic then. And you get license to drive at the speed of 70-80 Kmph.


There can be other reasons too but then these are pretty much the highlights of general trends in Bangalore.

Sketch # 2 – A girl turning her face…

Today I searching for something to sketch and then saw a beautiful picture on Google. The moment I saw the picture, it appealed me and begged me to try it on my sketch-board.

She is a little shy girl, refusing to get clicked and while doing that she got into such an awesome pose that the sketch looked more beautiful this way. Had her face been clicked upfront and from front, she might not have looked this beautiful. Here is the sketch I am so describing about. I am not a great artist, so might not have the finesse required in this sketch but I tried my best to portray it as it is. But still photography and sketching take their own ways of describing.


A Rose for Someone Special…

I was thinking what to sketch when I saw a Rose in a garden. I thought why not sketch a rose 🙂 This rose is my first sketch after I have been in Bangalore.

This is a *Rose for someone Special*. But let me clear, that *Special Someone* is yet to come in my life. She will be living somewhere on this Earth. She will meet me one day, though I don’t know when she is gonna meet me. But I am sure about one thing, she is destined for me and so am I, destined for her. I am reserving myself for that *Special Someone*.

I dedicate this rose to *HER* 🙂


Indian Singers Then And Now…

Yesterday I was listening to “Dekha na hay re, socha na hay re” sung by Kishor Kumar. I love Kishore Kumar songs; he was so versatile and god-gifted singer. Every song, whether that’s Romantic number or sentimental number or even happy and sad numbers, sung by him was a master piece. The vigor and enthusiasm with which he used to sing was amazing. It’s been almost 2 decades that he is not among us, but still remains in our hearts.


In fact, I like every singer and musician of his era. Let that be Mohd. Rafi or Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Mukesh Kumar, S.D. Burman, R.D. Burman, Kalyanji Anandji, Lakshmikant Pyarelal. These all are legends, they changed the music in India forever. There were so many legends before these people also, but these people were truly amazing. And these singers and musicians were COMPLETE.


For example, these singers had to sing a song in one go for their recordings, unlike today where technology has come to help the singers. Today recordings go like “One word at a time” and not “One song at a time”. Consider an example of song like “Dekha na Hai re, Socha na Hai re” or “Aake seedhi lagi dil pe“, these song is fast and needs lot of energy. It is difficult to sing these songs in one go, but still Kishor Kumar managed to sing is in a best way. It was lot harder to record a song in one go. If musician missed a single beat or singers missed something, the only option was to start the recording over again. Isn’t that cumbersome but let me tell you, these people mostly used to okay the recording in at max 2-3 takes. That’s it, so was their perfection.


Today the scene is different, we have advanced in technology so much that we can edit, cut and paste and record at different timings and merge to create a song. But this has taken a toll on today’s singers. Not that Sonu Nigam, Shaan, K.K. and likes of them are bad. They are equally good, but the enthusiasm and zest which was there in earlier singers in not present in the same percentage.


I like yesteryear singers and today’s singers both, but if it comes to choosing singers and music quality, I’ll vote for late 80’s and 90’s music and singers. Because that was real melody and those were complete singers and musicians.

सख्या तू हि असच करशील का रे?

सख्या तू हि असच करशील का रे?

शीड  फिरतात  तिकडेच  जिकडे  वाहतात  वारे,
सख्या  तू  ही  माझ्या  सोबत  असच  करशील  का  रे?
असतं  जग  त्याच्या  सोबत
ज्याच्याकडे  असतो  पैसा
जरी  झाला  अन्याय
तरी  न्याय  मिळेल  तो  कैसा
अरे  न्यायमूर्ती  सुद्धा  शोधते  पैश्याचे  झरे,
सख्या  तू  ही  माझ्यासोबत  असच  करशील  का  रे?
खुद्द  रामाला  ही  लोकांचे
तोंड  दाबता  आले  नाही.
सीता  माईला  पण  अग्नीपरीक्षा
कधी  टाळता  आली  नाही.
रामामुळेच  सीतेला  कसे  सोसावे  लागले  निखारे,
सख्या  तू  ही  माझ्यासोबत  असच  करशील  का  रे?
माकडीनीला  ही  कधी  कधी
रहात  नाही  भान,
आपल्याच  पिलाला  बुडवून
वाढवते  आयुष्याची  कमान,
कुणीच  नसतात  इथे  कोणाचे  सगे  अन  सोयरे,
सख्या  तू  ही  माझ्यासोबत  असच  करशील  का  रे?
सूर्य  येतो  सकाळी
पाठ  फिरवतो  संध्याकाळी,
चंद्रही  तसाच  करतो,
पळून  जातो  सकाळी,
या  जगात  फक्त  कामापुरते  असतात  सारे,
सख्या  तू  ही  माझ्यासोबत  असच  करशील  का  रे?
लग्नाआधी  प्रेमवीर
सुखी  संसाराच्या  गोष्टी  करतात,
लग्नानंतर  सहाच  महिन्यात
फारकत  घेण्यापर्यंत  येतात,
विचार  न  करता  तोडतात  हे  अकलेचे  तारे,
सख्या  तू  ही  माझ्यासोबत  असच  करशील  का  रे?
प्रसाद भगवंतराव कुलकर्णी.