My Origami Work…

I was with my family on weekend, when my niece asked me to do some Origami work as she needed them to submit in her school. So I obliged by creating some crafts. All the crafts are of flowers. Below are the clicks of my crafts.

I am in a continuous learning process and learning by watching videos on Youtube as well as reading some raw designs. I find solace in creating such art and crafts. I have created so many crafts in the past too and will continue creating many more. As and when time permits, I will post those crafts too.

All my crafts put together to click.

Close up of Jasmine

Close up of Lily.

Close up of Lotus


4 thoughts on “My Origami Work…

  1. These look very impressive. I am a great admirer of origami! I found your blog from the comments on the “buddy up” post on the daily post blog. I love the way that blogs take you all over the world into different peoples lives. I look forward to reading more!


    • Thanks Dear,
      I would also love to share and teach them to as many as possible 🙂
      by the way, these crafts are available on Youtube too 🙂 So you can search for the videos, follow the instructions and bingo, you are there 🙂


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