Inspired by prompt from Sunday Scribblings #251


At the age till 7,

When you don’t have any responsibilities,

You behave like a human, set loose on his own,

Popping here and dropping there,

Just like a free soul surfing the bodies to get in.

Passing this age, they feel the young age should have been

Like Eternity.


They say, at the age 60,

We get a bonus life

They again become, A child they always wanted.

They behave like one, not their fault.

I guess this is the eternity of mind,

To get old and again young as new born,

Is Eternity


So eternity is basically your state of mind,

If you feel 7, though being 60,

Then you are into that eternity phase.

But be careful to use all the exposure,

For you should not feel like that 7 year boy,

Losing the grip on the state of eternity




5 thoughts on “Eternity…

  1. The Jesuits said: Give me the boy until he is 7, and I will give you the man.
    Maybe that is true! So that the man of 70 is still intrinsically the same person he was at 7. Interesting thought.


  2. A man believing he is 7 when he is old can be a terribly frightening thought–to loose reality. But if a man acts like he’s 7 and he’s old, well then, he’s just—a man. And I mean that in the nicest way. I would rather have young thoughts than not.


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