Chasings to Accomplishments… Stone#2 #aros

I was riding my cycle to home this evening and on up particular turn I thought of catching a back side of some car for a moment to get momentum and speed. It was an uphill and today I was in a bit hurry, so thought of catching the car. It was running slow at first and there wans’t much gap between me and that car. So paddled a bit harder and tried to reach the car. But at the same time the car started speeding up and I also had to paddle faster. After 3-4 minutes of such intense paddling I realized that I have reached at the peek of that hill cum road and now there is no need to catch anything as it will be easy to ride down the hill.


I realized life also behaves in a same way with us, so does the opportunities we crave. They lure us to try harder and harder and they keep running away from us, just to bring to our notice that we have achieved, accomplished the goal we wanted to achieve.


Moral: Running behind opportunities help us in becoming a better achiever and teaches us many things. Now there is a school of thought which says don’t run behind the things in life. The more you run behind them, the more they run away from you.

Now you decide which one to choose and follow 🙂

For me both the things are true. Its just the timing which decides which strategy to opt and which to not opt for 🙂

What do you people think?