4 thoughts on “Sin… #Haiku

  1. Prasad, there is much more to a haiku than just three lines. 🙂 Haiku is syllable based, and has certain rules to it. 3 lines together can have 17 syllables or less.. (syllable is pronunciation sound.. e.g.: Prasad, has 2 coz u say it as Pra-sad), its usually associated with nature and has a seasonal word. Though Haiku Heights approve non nature ones that are called senryu, as host, I just thought I’d let you know. Haiku is a very nice form to try.. and I think you can do a nice one as well.

    This tercet has a nice feel to it, you’ve written it well. The emotion and choice of words are very expressive. Hope to see more from you, at Haiku Heights as well. Do try out the haiku in 17 syllables.. its an effort that I feel is worth trying 🙂 cheers.


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