This is a submission to Sunday Scribblings and I have written this poem for the prompt #252 – Safe.


You ask me what is safe.

And I reply,

A mother’s lap for a child is – safe,

A father’s arm on shoulder is – safe,

A tyre around the waist in ocean is – safe,

A helmet while driving a bike is – safe,

An open land in the rain is – safe,

Betting small on the stock market is – safe,

Doing right things at right time is – safe,

Knowing your own limits is – safe,

Holding the hand of toddler on road is – safe,

Keeping the body fit and healthy is – safe,

A friend’s company in hard times is – safe,

Not eating things given by strangers is – safe,

Not doing a partnership with a person you don’t trust is – safe,

Not asking wife where she spent your money is – safe,

Diplomatic answer to your girlfriend’s obvious questions is – safe,

Remembering your pills and bills is – safe,

Behaving patiently in even hardest circumstances is – safe,

And stopping before you guys get angry at me is – safe 🙂


This poem has been submitted as a response to One Stop Poetry Challenge

A wonderful picture has been given as a prompt to write on.


Footprints on Sand Dune. Picture by "Iquanyin Moon"


Footprints on sand are as ephemeral as,

A touch of stormy and ever flowing wind,

A water drop standing on a lotus leaf,

And a acquaintance of a person real kind


But here it is different I don’t know why,

Instead of vanishing they are embossed,

As if he is walking down below the ground,

Just like the surface line has been crossed


Is it magnifying the character of the person?

Who would go the distance for his love,

Will travel the lengths to convey the message,

Just like a message carrying white dove.