This is a submission to Sunday Scribblings and I have written this poem for the prompt #252 – Safe.


You ask me what is safe.

And I reply,

A mother’s lap for a child is – safe,

A father’s arm on shoulder is – safe,

A tyre around the waist in ocean is – safe,

A helmet while driving a bike is – safe,

An open land in the rain is – safe,

Betting small on the stock market is – safe,

Doing right things at right time is – safe,

Knowing your own limits is – safe,

Holding the hand of toddler on road is – safe,

Keeping the body fit and healthy is – safe,

A friend’s company in hard times is – safe,

Not eating things given by strangers is – safe,

Not doing a partnership with a person you don’t trust is – safe,

Not asking wife where she spent your money is – safe,

Diplomatic answer to your girlfriend’s obvious questions is – safe,

Remembering your pills and bills is – safe,

Behaving patiently in even hardest circumstances is – safe,

And stopping before you guys get angry at me is – safe 🙂

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