Chasings to Accomplishments… Stone#2 #aros

I was riding my cycle to home this evening and on up particular turn I thought of catching a back side of some car for a moment to get momentum and speed. It was an uphill and today I was in a bit hurry, so thought of catching the car. It was running slow at first and there wans’t much gap between me and that car. So paddled a bit harder and tried to reach the car. But at the same time the car started speeding up and I also had to paddle faster. After 3-4 minutes of such intense paddling I realized that I have reached at the peek of that hill cum road and now there is no need to catch anything as it will be easy to ride down the hill.


I realized life also behaves in a same way with us, so does the opportunities we crave. They lure us to try harder and harder and they keep running away from us, just to bring to our notice that we have achieved, accomplished the goal we wanted to achieve.


Moral: Running behind opportunities help us in becoming a better achiever and teaches us many things. Now there is a school of thought which says don’t run behind the things in life. The more you run behind them, the more they run away from you.

Now you decide which one to choose and follow 🙂

For me both the things are true. Its just the timing which decides which strategy to opt and which to not opt for 🙂

What do you people think?


Smoking and Poking…


Two souls smoking,

Some Cuban cigars,

Beer in the hands and

Looking at the stars


One is bald and

The other is blonde,

Sinking in the smoke,

Like a fish in the pond


Making different shapes

Square and circle,

Trying so hard but

The eyes getting purple


The heart seeking pleasure

Smoking these poles,

But the lungs are crying

Getting some holes


The couple in the back

Are chatting to eternity

The image is blurred,

To hide their identity


It’s good in all

That they are happy,

I hope smoking is

Just their hobby


Inspired by a photo from One Shot Poetry


Inspired by prompt from Sunday Scribblings #251


At the age till 7,

When you don’t have any responsibilities,

You behave like a human, set loose on his own,

Popping here and dropping there,

Just like a free soul surfing the bodies to get in.

Passing this age, they feel the young age should have been

Like Eternity.


They say, at the age 60,

We get a bonus life

They again become, A child they always wanted.

They behave like one, not their fault.

I guess this is the eternity of mind,

To get old and again young as new born,

Is Eternity


So eternity is basically your state of mind,

If you feel 7, though being 60,

Then you are into that eternity phase.

But be careful to use all the exposure,

For you should not feel like that 7 year boy,

Losing the grip on the state of eternity




जैसा बचपन का जमाना था…

एक बचपन का जमाना था,

खुशियों का खजाना था,

चाहत चाँद को पाने की,

दिल तितली का दीवाना था,

खबर ना थी कुछ सुबह की,

ना शामो का ठिकाना था,

थक हार के आना स्कूल से,

पर खेलने भी जाना था,

दादी की कहानी थी,

परियों का फसाना था,

बारिश मे कागज की कश्ती थी,

हर मौसम सुहाना था,

हर खेल मे साथी थे,

हर रिश्ता निभाना था,

गम की ज़ुबान ना होती थी,

ना जख़्मो का पैमाना था,

रोने की वजह ना होती थी,

ना हसने का बहाना था,

अब नही रही वो जिंदगी,

जैसा बचपन का जमाना था,

जैसा बचपन का जमाना था.

Thanks to Ankur Jain for this awesome poem via SMS.

Inexplicable Heart… | Stone#1 #aros

I am feeling heavy-hearted… to leave her alone again. But that’s what destiny seems to be throwing at me. I think of her and her composed and smiling face comes before my eyes. The face which looks serene from the surface but under the skin its creased. The eyes look happy for me, but around the corners there are tears hiding behind the eyelids. She doesn’t show the disturbed mind and heart at the thought of me going away from her, but pretends to be exhibiting blithe. But I sensed all those on her, my mother’s face.


I will try to submerge your inner soul in the plethora of your joyous surface.

I will bring that smile from within you and not just the outer muscles.


Written for and because of A river of stones…

So Close Yet So Far…

Our lips have met,

But when will our feet meet?

My heart needs you so much,

When will it stop to gleet?

Our shoe laces,

Are waiting to kiss,

When will they experience,

The eternal bliss

My head turns left,

Yours to my right

When will our relationship,

Get real tight?

I want your feet

And mine to match,

Whenever I fall,

You should be ready to catch

There is road ahead,

But there is no tar,

We are so close,

Yet so, so far


Inspired by One Shot Photography Sunday

So Surreal…

It was pitch dark outside when suddenly a light flashed up above in the sky. I gazed that way to see “God of Death” descent on the earth. I was happy thinking now the Good will win over Bad and bad things will be eradicated. He will kill the darkness and light will prevail. But alas, it was surreal, a dream. Bad still remained on the earth and good is being over-powered.



Prompted by words from 3WW