Modern Classics…

Submitted to One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt.

Image by: Jack

Image by: Jack


How would you feel when you see,

A robot speaking as fluent as human

We have always seen a killer one,

But what about a sweet daemon


How would you feel when you hear,

Worldly wisdom from a 10 year old boy,

What if tomorrow you wake up and hear,

World is taken over by a small toy


What would you say when you see,

A gangster preaching non-violence,

What if you are in a funeral and,

The dead man himself is giving condolence


How would you feel when you hear,

Bach producing some rap song,

What will you say when you read a short story,

That’s actually hundred pages long


Same goes with the picture above,

It is the contradiction to basics,

Seeing a daemonic mask man playing violin,

Is like thinking of Modern Classics.



Like Us Like Train…

Submitted to Thursday Tales prompt #47

Photographer: Vitaly (Zimaz) of DevianArt


Image Credit: Vitaly (Zimaz) of DevianArt


Now I know why a series of thoughts is called “Train of thoughts”. As our thoughts wander through beautiful memories, so does the train roam through the lush greenery. In some gloomy situations our thoughts just feel like passing through hell, so does train also passes through some rocky mountains or dry and barren land. We carry so many people in our mind every second of every day. There are friends, family members and foes too in our minds. So does the train also carry people those who care for her and those also who don’t care for her. Even though the train stops at a particular station or signal it doesn’t stop to burn itself from inside, just like a candle which burns itself out to keep your surrounding bright.

See there are so many similarities between a non-living thing like train and a human being. And we go hunting for a person, a human being similar to us.


To My Friends…

My two very close friends from MBA College are now engaged with each other. Our and their two college years were spiced by their love. It created an aura which lit up our lives too. They both are now getting married very soon. I have written this poem on them. Hope you all like it.


To my friends... wishing them all the best in their future endeavor


Submitted to 3WW


You flutter your eyes,

And you miss a split second,

Maybe nothing much important,

But there is every chance,

Of being it the special Occasion

You may miss a shining star,

A stumbling girl,

Some cute face in the crowd,

A kid’s cute act

God has been kind,

That he kept the fluttering duration,

As minimum as possible,

Otherwise just imagine,

Your blink lasting for say 2 minutes 🙂

Think Big…

Submitted to One Stop Poetry ‘s Picture Prompt.

Image Credit: Sean Mccromick


Image by Sean Mccormick


World sees through a window,

When it has all the open space,

Narrowing down your eye sight,

You’ll think, but it has no grace.


Window is just a small opening,

Meant for the troubled hearts,

When you don’t know the target,

It helps you in aiming your darts.


But once you master the art of,

Looking through a small window,

You should aim for the ocean,

Don’t always be a minnow.


Looking through the window,

And aiming for the sky,

That should be your motto,

Don’t miss to give it a try.

Best Friend…

Submitted to Thursday Tales

Thanks to Leo for the image.

Diary - Your Best Friend - Image By "Leo"


Have you ever smelt the brand new diary’s pages? The smell is awesome and filling 🙂

Diary is such a place where you can dump your emotions and still find them as you have left them. No tampering and no extravaganza of emotions. It is the closest friend one can have. You don’t have to be diplomatic, keep anything to yourself. Whatever your mind is thinking, you can tell to her.

And she will listen to it silently. She will participate in your happy moments; she will give support to your forehead when you feel like crying. She will cry with you and shed some tears. She will bustle with joy when you are happy.

You can sulk about wrong things happening to you and she will quietly listen, like an understanding partner trying to gauge your problem. You can tell about your dark secrets and she will keep it with her and not tell anyone. You can whisper about your girlfriend or crush to her and she will provide listening ear.

On a relaxed day you can go back to her and ask her what is going on? And she will open her tear drenched pages and narrate some sad part of your life or she will flutter her pages showing how happy you were that day. No friend can be as close to you as your diary can be.

Just maintain her. Keep her posted about things happening in your life and she will take care of the rest. 🙂

Spiritual Path…

Submitted to 3WW

Image Source: Google


Disclaimer: This is a true story and sorry in advance for writing a bit long one. But I hope you find this interesting and helpful.

Swami Narayan (1781 - 1830)

Some days back I was in “Akshardham Temple” in Delhi. On a big screen they were showing life story of Swami Narayan (an eminent saint in India in early 1800). The incident was like Swami Narayan at the age of 11 was sitting under one tree. The village was well known for visit of a man eating Lion and everyone used to hide in their homes before it gets dark.

That day Swami Narayan was also asked to come inside home before the lion comes. Swami Narayan denied to hide in the house and stayed under the tree. Lion came after some time but instead of eating Swami he obeyed his orders and calmly sat just like a dog would listen to his master’s orders.


People asked them the other morning,

“Don’t you fear?”

“I left the fear when I left my home. Don’t be afraid of anything. If you fear, nothing will work according to your wish. Dare to leave the fear behind you. Dare to think positively at life and you will see difference.


This is the essence of Indian Philosophy and Spirituality. Indian scriptures have always advised to be bold and have positive approach towards life. Leave the feeling of fear aside and you will see wonders happening. We fear a lot of so many things. But never think of daring and doing.


Even though the practical implementation of making a lion follow your orders is not possible for us, because we are not so much pure for nature to listen to our orders, but practicing spiritual path of truth, righteousness, honesty and humanity is very much possible even today. Follow the simple laws of living and you will see lot of difference in your lives.

Someone Special…

Submitted to Sunday Scribblings prompt #253

Image Source: Google


Source: Google

Now I am feeling the void.

I need a person who can understand me, who can complement me. I am the one who has been giving to people, but now I need someone who will give me what I have been giving to others.

The comfort

I shared everyone’s grievances, happy moments and stored them somewhere deep in my heart. Never compromised it and never mismatched. Was constantly there for them in whatever condition they were. I always advised and counseled people for their betterment, pulled them out of crisis situation.

But now I also am feeling the need to have someone. Someone who will listen to my part of story and store them deep inside, I need one who will help me get out of the crisis situation, the one whom I can rely on.

I have always kept myself away from having that special person in my life till now, because I had other obligations and needed them to be complete before someone special comes in my life.

Because I never wanted that special one to enter my life when I am going through crisis

That special one should come in my life on a good note.

And now the time is right. I have completed my major obligations and my life is now ready to welcome a new trustworthy person.

Earth Is The Center…

Article submitted to One Shot Photography ‘s Picture Prompt.

Image by Sean.


Photo clicked by Sean


Galileo said Earth revolves around Sun,

But here Universe is revolving around Earth,

This is looking like magic, I am having fun,

Will I see this in reality in my next birth?


The grass is looking like bunch of rose plums,

Instead of yellow, it has chosen color pink,

The grass buds are clinging like real chums,

Underneath the roots, there is only one link


I don’t know why the house has gotten blue,

The stars are gyrating him, doesn’t have any clue

Is it envy or shy that has colored his inside red?

It is the only house on earth, somewhere he read

Waiting for Her…

Submitted to Thursday Tales and Flash 55

Image Source

When he held that blue brush in his hands, he had no idea that that brush could be magical.

He painted fairies and they came alive.

Is that the magic of seeping light or his brush, he doesn’t know.

And now he is waiting for the girl in that sketch at back to come alive.