Shaken But Not Stirred…


Image Credits: Google, Rob Lang

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My life is just shaken, but not properly stirred,

My eyesight is perfect, but the vision is blurred,


I have so many things in mind, but the heart is holding back,

I have the GPS in my mind, but I seem to have lost the track,


Whenever I try to find a path, my network turns me down,

I am the king of my life, but it doesn’t let me wear the crown,


I remember the landmarks, but they seem to have vanished,

I tried to search them extensively, but was severely punished,


Now I am going with destiny, let’s see where it takes me,

My karma makes my destiny, let’s see what destiny makes me.


20 thoughts on “Shaken But Not Stirred…

    • Yes Destiny pervades not only everyone’s consciousness but overall life as well. It is all destined what we are living today. You do things, good or bad, because they are destined to be so. Its a very deep subject 🙂


    • Thank you Dustus 🙂
      It all was inspired by just one thought or a phrase rather “Shaken, not stirred” – James Bond fame. That phrase was lingering around in my mind for the whole morning and hence gave it a shot 🙂


  1. shaken but not stirred…love the title prasad – and yeah – just walk and see where life takes you..(finally manage to play catch up after coming home from my business trip..)


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