Unheard Plights…

Submitted to 3WW

Photo Courtesy: Google

“No, please don’t do that. It hurts a lot” – A wall was screaming in pain. Then it yelled and cursed the scraper for doing that to him, saying

“We have to undergo such a pain because of this handful bad sector on me. It’s just some scratches here and there and they called these people with abrasives and are now scraping me. We undergo such an emotional pain. The cement layer (plaster) that we held for such a long time will no more be with us. They don’t understand how big a loss this is.”

But nothing was in its hands, it (the wall) is build to say nothing and suffer everything.


7 thoughts on “Unheard Plights…

    • Yes indeed. We think only mankind can pose examples, but all of the inanimate things on this Earth, governed by the Nature, exhibit wonderful examples which can be so crucial and life enriching.
      Thank you Ramesh for stopping by and commenting 🙂


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