Earth Is The Center…

Article submitted to One Shot Photography ‘s Picture Prompt.

Image by Sean.


Photo clicked by Sean


Galileo said Earth revolves around Sun,

But here Universe is revolving around Earth,

This is looking like magic, I am having fun,

Will I see this in reality in my next birth?


The grass is looking like bunch of rose plums,

Instead of yellow, it has chosen color pink,

The grass buds are clinging like real chums,

Underneath the roots, there is only one link


I don’t know why the house has gotten blue,

The stars are gyrating him, doesn’t have any clue

Is it envy or shy that has colored his inside red?

It is the only house on earth, somewhere he read


21 thoughts on “Earth Is The Center…

    • Thanks Brian. Yes, we as in Earth might be revolving around the Sun and the Universe in turn but then most important activities happen here on Earth only 🙂 As life is here, or may be not. There might be something parallel to our life form 🙂


  1. It seems to me that something important is happening to the person in the poem. To the poetic subject. A milestone. Birth ? Death ? Re- Birth. The rhyme is very good and so is the reference to color. I loved this esoteric query. This existential lurk… Good work.


  2. There’s a huge sense of the magic of the cosmos in this piece..and the way you have translated the colours in the picture to the words is sparkling..thanks for your visit..Jae..


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