Someone Special…

Submitted to Sunday Scribblings prompt #253

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Now I am feeling the void.

I need a person who can understand me, who can complement me. I am the one who has been giving to people, but now I need someone who will give me what I have been giving to others.

The comfort

I shared everyone’s grievances, happy moments and stored them somewhere deep in my heart. Never compromised it and never mismatched. Was constantly there for them in whatever condition they were. I always advised and counseled people for their betterment, pulled them out of crisis situation.

But now I also am feeling the need to have someone. Someone who will listen to my part of story and store them deep inside, I need one who will help me get out of the crisis situation, the one whom I can rely on.

I have always kept myself away from having that special person in my life till now, because I had other obligations and needed them to be complete before someone special comes in my life.

Because I never wanted that special one to enter my life when I am going through crisis

That special one should come in my life on a good note.

And now the time is right. I have completed my major obligations and my life is now ready to welcome a new trustworthy person.


16 thoughts on “Someone Special…

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. I am not in a hurry to find my love. I have waited so long. All my college years I didn’t run behind love because of my other priorities. Now that everything is fulfilled I am seaeching for that special one. Had I been in hurry to find my love, why would I have waited for this long?


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