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Disclaimer: This is a true story and sorry in advance for writing a bit long one. But I hope you find this interesting and helpful.

Swami Narayan (1781 - 1830)

Some days back I was in “Akshardham Temple” in Delhi. On a big screen they were showing life story of Swami Narayan (an eminent saint in India in early 1800). The incident was like Swami Narayan at the age of 11 was sitting under one tree. The village was well known for visit of a man eating Lion and everyone used to hide in their homes before it gets dark.

That day Swami Narayan was also asked to come inside home before the lion comes. Swami Narayan denied to hide in the house and stayed under the tree. Lion came after some time but instead of eating Swami he obeyed his orders and calmly sat just like a dog would listen to his master’s orders.


People asked them the other morning,

“Don’t you fear?”

“I left the fear when I left my home. Don’t be afraid of anything. If you fear, nothing will work according to your wish. Dare to leave the fear behind you. Dare to think positively at life and you will see difference.


This is the essence of Indian Philosophy and Spirituality. Indian scriptures have always advised to be bold and have positive approach towards life. Leave the feeling of fear aside and you will see wonders happening. We fear a lot of so many things. But never think of daring and doing.


Even though the practical implementation of making a lion follow your orders is not possible for us, because we are not so much pure for nature to listen to our orders, but practicing spiritual path of truth, righteousness, honesty and humanity is very much possible even today. Follow the simple laws of living and you will see lot of difference in your lives.

18 thoughts on “Spiritual Path…

  1. ‘Dare to leave the fear behind you. Dare to think positively at life and you will see difference.’
    I so agree, a wonderful Philosophy and a wonderful and uplifting read, I really did enjoy it :o)


  2. Prasad, our ancient ancestors have so much to teach us. This concept of inconceivable bravery is a good example. Just as Jesus “talked crazy talk” (giving all you have to the poor, accepting a verbal or physical slap and offering the other cheek as well, praying for one’s enemies when the natural reaction is to hate them), there is much to learn from the original Thinkers Outside The Box! Well done, and thanks!

    Amy Barlow Liberatore (here’s mine:)


    • Yes we have been preached to be on righteous path by different people of different religion 🙂 We say the religions are different, but then why the teaching point is similar?? But now a days, we are more into selfish deeds than selfless 🙂


  3. If I dare to sit outside with a lion about, will the lion dare not to eat me? I know this is an analogy but it also illustrates how difficult it is to follow the course advised. Great story and talking point.


    • Yes the course I talked about is difficult to follow, but only that Lion part 🙂
      You need some divine molecules in you to have such things happen with you 🙂
      But in general practicing honesty and righteous path is not that difficult 🙂 Well, it is difficult but then more advised than not 🙂


  4. Cynthia says:

    I like the idea of sitting down with the Lion. However, I am not a big fan of those who want to conquer nature by forcing an acclimation of nature towards man and humanity. And I know that this is not what Swarmi Narayan was advocating. The

    Spiritual Path describes a beautiful way to look at life.

    Thank you for this. It is truly, food for thought.


    • Hi cynthia,

      No no, in no way I also wanted to portray bending of nature laws by Human. What I wanted to suggest was fear makes a person not bring out his full potential. Generally an animal attacks human being if he’s hungry or fears that this person will harm us. So if you can assure that animal that he/she doesn’t need to fear of him/her, then why will he unnecessarily attack him/her? Thats my point.

      We don’t utilize our full potential, we generally fear of failing and don’t act. But act without fearing and you may see different results 🙂

      And thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 Really appreciate it 🙂
      Spiritual path is really a great way to live our life 🙂


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