Like Us Like Train…

Submitted to Thursday Tales prompt #47

Photographer: Vitaly (Zimaz) of DevianArt


Image Credit: Vitaly (Zimaz) of DevianArt


Now I know why a series of thoughts is called “Train of thoughts”. As our thoughts wander through beautiful memories, so does the train roam through the lush greenery. In some gloomy situations our thoughts just feel like passing through hell, so does train also passes through some rocky mountains or dry and barren land. We carry so many people in our mind every second of every day. There are friends, family members and foes too in our minds. So does the train also carry people those who care for her and those also who don’t care for her. Even though the train stops at a particular station or signal it doesn’t stop to burn itself from inside, just like a candle which burns itself out to keep your surrounding bright.

See there are so many similarities between a non-living thing like train and a human being. And we go hunting for a person, a human being similar to us.


3 thoughts on “Like Us Like Train…

  1. Woww!!!! You Have Very Well Described About The Train & The Human Being. Very Much True. Thought Knowing Everything, Sometimes, We Forget To Think And Analyse. But, Your Description Is Fantastic. True, We Too Have Many Tracks In Our Emotions, Feelings, Mental Stability And We Too Change The Track When Its Not Needed Not When Its Very Much Needed. Whereas, The Train Changes Its Track Only When Its Needed.

    Beautiful Fabulous Write Up!


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