Modern Classics…

Submitted to One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt.

Image by: Jack

Image by: Jack


How would you feel when you see,

A robot speaking as fluent as human

We have always seen a killer one,

But what about a sweet daemon


How would you feel when you hear,

Worldly wisdom from a 10 year old boy,

What if tomorrow you wake up and hear,

World is taken over by a small toy


What would you say when you see,

A gangster preaching non-violence,

What if you are in a funeral and,

The dead man himself is giving condolence


How would you feel when you hear,

Bach producing some rap song,

What will you say when you read a short story,

That’s actually hundred pages long


Same goes with the picture above,

It is the contradiction to basics,

Seeing a daemonic mask man playing violin,

Is like thinking of Modern Classics.




16 thoughts on “Modern Classics…

  1. dustus says:

    A great array of hypotheticals—all of which seem true considering some of the stories I have read, many of which are considered “modern.” Had me considering Artificial Intelligence and whether or not robots can “think.”


  2. I enjoy the way you have taken a specific instance and generalized it to a play of contradictions.

    I have “modern classics” hovering in my mind as I write this. An argument could be made in that regard—something along the lines that a “classic” is what we make it. It is not fixed by its place time, but by its place in our hearts.

    Which gets us pretty far away from your fine take on the original prompt, huh?


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