A kid and surroundings…

It all started with just a thought. I have seen @roseplums (Cynthia) writing beautiful poems on Twitter. I thought why not play a little game at least 10 minutes a day? The game will be like this, one of us will write a line, a very abstract line and the other one will write something in line with the line. And thus we started this beautiful venture, a project of writing abstract thoughts as poems.


The aha moment occurs when a burst of recognition at one’s own intellect,

Tiny eyes,

A smiling face,




A child with his childish concerns,

And unknown to the world of plight,

It’s very true that ignorance,

Is sometimes a delight.


To see, to observe,

To pull in from the core all, that one can be,

Sparkling eyes, Confident stride,

Personality blooms,



To clutch at things,

Always curious about surroundings,

Zest to learn new things,

And always looking at the cloud


The cloud that threatens to fall and burst their hearts,

But we hold steadfast to their plight,

A healing path,

Lies before them


But suddenly they see Sun peeking,

From behind the clouds,

And they start a fresh, new claim


A claim, ownership of themselves,

Boundaries will placed,

They come full circle with all their talents,

Ideas and whims


They started to explore,

Then came to know the full capability,

They loved it and explored more,

Just for them


Just for themselves, then to share with the world,

Carefully guided to explore,

A new fullness within,

To capture and dream.


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