Youngsters Don’t Read???

Yesterday I was at Reliance Timeout on Cunningham Road, Bengaluru. Lord Jeffrey Archer was going to launch his book Only Time Will Tell”, which is first of the five books in the series of “The Clifton Chronicles”, in India two months prior to its launch in UK. He talked on various issues and experiences of his, as usual in story telling manner. He is really a great story teller of our times. When he came to the store, crowd burst in loud round of applause for him. When asked what makes you come back to India, he pointed to the crowd saying, “If people here love me so much, how can I refrain myself from coming here??”


He was sharing his experience he had in Mumbai two days back. A boy of 12 years age approached him and said, “I have read your Only Time Will Tell”. It was only 24 hours the book was launched. He further added, “When is your next book coming?”

Jeffrey said, “Boy, I have written 17 novels and various short stories”.

“I have read all of them, so I am waiting for your next book”, the prompt reply from the kid. Jeffrey was dumbstruck and couldn’t understand what to say to that boy.

He cited this example and asked a question, “Who say’s youngsters don’t read books?”


P.S. There are more stories of the event. But instead of posting them all at once and hence making the blog post burgeon, I’ll post different stories independently.


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