Minnow We…

Submitted to Theme Thursday



Every now and then Earth shakes,

Breaking its own layer in pieces,

A volcano erupts and tsunami hits,

Leaving behind the unwanted creases


We might’ve reached to Mars and Moon,

Maybe next stop will be the Sun,

We have advanced in Science so much,

But can’t bear Earth’s even a small pun


No matter how great our brain is,

And how great we think we are,

We should always remember,

We are still a planet in this plethora of stars.




9 thoughts on “Minnow We…

  1. This couldn’t have been written at a more appropriate time, Prasad… Sad and moving too… We may invent all we like… but if we cannot protect our own people and our own Earth, then what good are all those inventions indeed…

    What an excellent poem this is!


    • Thank you Kavita…
      When I saw the pic.. the only idea that came to me was of our smallness equal to negligible in this world.. but still the surreal pride and fake attitude…

      This was partly because of havoc in Japan… every time we have some natural disaster.. we find ourselves running away saving our lives…


  2. human powers are limited,
    pray to the Divine, best regards…

    welcome sharing your poetry with us,
    first time participants can share 1 to 3 old poems or poems unrelated to our theme.

    Happy Monday.


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