Height In Love…

The two were walking by the side of the road. Rather the boy was walking on the road and the girl was on the footpath besides, but still the height matched. Both were so much into each other, they forgot about the world besides them living fully. The boy holding the hand of the girl and they must be talking about their budding love. The girl was at times leaning on the boy and the boy expertly balancing her leaning. She at times bent sideways to explain some things to him, personally. He was also curious to know her case and so tried to be on his heels to show the full attention. They were living in their romantic World; completely oblivious to the fact that World co-existed with them.


What the couple implied was that there is no height issue between them; rather there should not be any height issue in love. The couple was example that Love is Love and height in love is not at all an issue. Yes, what can be an issue is height difference in two mentalities.



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