Planned Spontaneity…

Water turning rapidly,

Out of the blue and,

On a straight terrain,

Is spontaneous


Flowers blooming afresh,

On any day of week,

With no certain timing,

Is spontaneous


Wind flowing hay where,

With no certain direction,

Always changing its course,

Is spontaneous


Chromosomes of a human,

X and Y, two of them,

Mixing and matching,

Is spontaneous


But frankly speaking,

Every spontaneous action,

Is somehow planned,

Right or wrong


Its implications differ,

Bringing about evolution,

As Darwin has said,

Is Planned Spontaneity


Inspired by March Challenge22 – Spontaneity

15 thoughts on “Planned Spontaneity…

  1. Planned spontaneity, is that anything engineered obsolescence? Sorry, I had to say that to a grad from a College of Engineering. Your poem is superb. Another with the intricate stanzas well thought out and presented. You reflect well on your education.

    For me, planned spontaneity is the blueprint for my life. I prefer to be prepared.


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